Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birthday Presents!!!!

Ok, so its been a week since my Birthday, but this past Thursday, I shared a really memorable experience with my friend Emma. I was extremely pleased to find out that this year my Birthday collided with Ikram's semi annual sale. I decided that Ikram, with its famous Vogue stock lists, would be the perfect place to find myself a little something special. The picture above was taken in their lovely cafe where Emma and I shared Cappuchinos and cookies after an unforgettable shopping experience
I chose this adorable top by Viktor and Rolf Monsieur top. I love the glasses print and heavy, heavy, cotton jersey. The best part is the perfect fit, a fit so perfect that I can't gain a single pound, which frankly is the way I want all of my clothes to fit. 
I paired it with all black and the beautiful, beautiful Jeffrey Campbell heel-less boots that my wonderful boyfriend got me for my Birthday. Ive worn them out every weekend since he gave them to me, they are legitimately some of the most comfortable heels in my closet right now. I'm also a sucker for grey leopard print!
Just a quick outfit captured on Thursday before heading to the Ikram sale, wearing a vintage necklace, Banana Republic sweater, BCBG blazer, and Michael Kors fur. Have an awesome weekend, I'm off to the aquarium with my boyfriend for the day!

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