Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Ankle Boots to End All Ankle Boots

(Photo Credit- Brendon Brown (taken with a DSLR on automatic and edited on pic-star)
Ive been searching high and low for the perfect black suede ankle boots for a long, long time. Up until now, I had only seen this type of pure simplicity from the likes of Prada, Zanotti, and Givenchy. Then one day, while walking back to my dorm from an extremely arduous day of classes, i decided to stop in at Steve Madden, which by the way is about 100 feet from my dorm. My eyes fell upon these beauties. i was immediately drawn to the towering heel, inky suede, and almond toe. I tried them on and almost cried; I was out of money! Long story short they're mine now, and when i texted this picture to my mom where she then asked if they were mine and I replied, "Yes, all six and a half inches!" I wore these to my corsetry class on Tuesday, and I will say that the walk from my dorm to class was twice as long, and I had to take super small steps. After about an hour I got used to them and they were not too uncomfortable, that is to say for a six and a half inch heel. I kept them on from 8-430, with only the last thirty minutes in sheer agony. Long story short, I am in love with them, they're not too uncomfortable, and I don't think that they're "wear to class heels"...that is to say without having flats as a backup! All for now, I should really start my English essay on Freud.

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