Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sorry Daddy..

But I couldn't resist the Maison Martin Margiela opening for H&M. It was so crazy to see the differences between this opening in Chicago versus the Versace opening in NYC. I went at 1 in the afternoon and everything was still there and they even did away with the buying restrictions! I was very, very impressed with the collection, but was a little turned off by the prices, knowing what I now know about the collaboration collections. I bypassed the pricier items that I loved but knew I could only wear once, like the leather belt or leather deconstructed jackets and oversized coats and settled on a few pieces I knew I would still buy even if they were MMM for H&M. I settled on two tops for myself and a top and leggings for my mom, pictures to follow! Have a good Sunday, I need to catch up on computer HW

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