Thursday, November 22, 2012

Favorite Purse

I'm so happy to finally post these pictures, Brendon and I took these a few weeks ago when we went out with a few friends to some gallery openings. I am also super excited to finally share my "going to college" gift to myself which is the brown croc print Rebecca Minkoff bag I'm wearing in these pictures. I fell madly in love with the rich texture of the leather, the studded bottom, and the versatility to wear the bag as a crossbody, shoulder, or clutch bag.
(Gap leather jacket, vintage Andrew Marc fox collar, Saint James top, Social Collision jeans, Ecote boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag)
Beyond my adoration for my bag, I also would like to say how excited I am to share that I finally took the plunge and purchased a Saint James top. The quality and cut is fantastic; I love the thickness of the cotton and Its a piece that after owning one, I feel compelled to start a collection. I have been wearing it nonstop, only to be punctuated by getting it back from the dry cleaner. Sadly, because of many, many long nights our (especially the one pictured above) my beloved Ecote boots have taken quite a beating. I took them to my favorite shoe repair in Connecticut, and hopefully he can work some magic.
Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, the meal in which we all eat in order to fuel up for the madness of black Friday!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sorry Daddy..

But I couldn't resist the Maison Martin Margiela opening for H&M. It was so crazy to see the differences between this opening in Chicago versus the Versace opening in NYC. I went at 1 in the afternoon and everything was still there and they even did away with the buying restrictions! I was very, very impressed with the collection, but was a little turned off by the prices, knowing what I now know about the collaboration collections. I bypassed the pricier items that I loved but knew I could only wear once, like the leather belt or leather deconstructed jackets and oversized coats and settled on a few pieces I knew I would still buy even if they were MMM for H&M. I settled on two tops for myself and a top and leggings for my mom, pictures to follow! Have a good Sunday, I need to catch up on computer HW

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heels on a Bridge

(Michael Kors fur, Stevie Mac blazer, Banana Republic Merino wool turtleneck, Social Collision jeans, Steve Madden boots, Thinsulate gloves) 
Photo Credit-Brendon Brown
This shot was taken at millennium part last week for one of Brendon's photo projects. Essentially, the project was the concept of a rat (im not wearing the mask here) living his life around the city of Chicago in his (my) nicest clothes. I agreed to do the shoot with the promise of pictures for the blog without the mask! This was the first look; one of my favorite blazers, my beloved curly Mongolian lamb's fur vest, and the sickest heels Ive ever owned, which got repeatedly stuck in between the wood panels of the bridge.
 For a metallic ikat blazer, Ive worn this jacket a ton of times. Ive actually been wearing it non stop since I got it in July. I wore it out to dinner with my beloved boss Chris from The Dressing Room boutique in Wallingford Ct. We went to Kinzie steakhouse for an amazing dinner with her lovely husband after a very, very long day of buying for the store...and ourselves!  Paired again with black jeans, a Gap denim shirt, mens chain necklace that was a gift, my new Topshop sneaker wedges, and my beloved clutch from The Dressing Room that gets mistaken for a flask every time I wear it
This picture was taken at the end of parents weekend a few weeks ago. I wore the blazer (again) with black jeans and a black tee shirt to go to my favorite restaurant in the city, Bistronomic. I dream about their tuna tar tar! PS, the green patent leather tote in the background was a gift from my mom. Remember when I posted this black Cynthia Rowley beauty I bought for my mom? Well she got one for me in green and another in pink for herself...when they went on sale for sixty percent off. All for now, Im off to the Art Institute to start an art history paper.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Ankle Boots to End All Ankle Boots

(Photo Credit- Brendon Brown (taken with a DSLR on automatic and edited on pic-star)
Ive been searching high and low for the perfect black suede ankle boots for a long, long time. Up until now, I had only seen this type of pure simplicity from the likes of Prada, Zanotti, and Givenchy. Then one day, while walking back to my dorm from an extremely arduous day of classes, i decided to stop in at Steve Madden, which by the way is about 100 feet from my dorm. My eyes fell upon these beauties. i was immediately drawn to the towering heel, inky suede, and almond toe. I tried them on and almost cried; I was out of money! Long story short they're mine now, and when i texted this picture to my mom where she then asked if they were mine and I replied, "Yes, all six and a half inches!" I wore these to my corsetry class on Tuesday, and I will say that the walk from my dorm to class was twice as long, and I had to take super small steps. After about an hour I got used to them and they were not too uncomfortable, that is to say for a six and a half inch heel. I kept them on from 8-430, with only the last thirty minutes in sheer agony. Long story short, I am in love with them, they're not too uncomfortable, and I don't think that they're "wear to class heels"...that is to say without having flats as a backup! All for now, I should really start my English essay on Freud.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


 (Borrowed Urban Outfitters scarf, Charlotte Russe blazer, Forever 21 skirt, and vintage bag)
Thats right, its been like a month. Between classes and trying to hibernate as much as possible in my loft bed, blogging time has seemed to escape me. Anyways, I wanted to share my Halloween costumes from this past weekend. On Friday, I went out dressed as a Jewish American Princess. Thats not to say that I don't act as one in my everyday life, frankly, Ive been one since my first day of Hebrew school. Big Thanks to my friend Allison for letting my raid her closet which I then paired with a gap top, Ralph Lauren necklace, and Jeffrey Campbell boots. I must say that I make a gorgeous woman; a really really good wig doesn't hurt thought.
(Ben Sherman sweater, Buffalo shirt, Silk bowtie from Century 21, Sanctuary trousers, borrowed suspenders, Aldo brogues)
 Being that my Jewish American Princess costumes took a couple of hours to get into, I realized quickly that I needed a simpler costume to wear to my other two Halloween engagements. Being that Ive been a "four eyes" for a grand portion of my life, I though what better costume than a geek? I now realize that my finger is somewhat covering it, but I am still super proud of my masking take covered glasses. On a side note, when not rolled up, these trousers by Sanctuary are unbelievable; the fit is super flattering and besides my forever favorite Social Collision jeans, these are my current favorite pants. All for now, Ill try to not be gone for a month again.