Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Art School HW

Ive been pretty damn busy. I never knew how much work art school would be, that aside, I wanted to post a few outfits from the past couple of weeks. I have been getting a ton of wear out of my Ecote lace up boots. Theyre great for wearing to class or going out; theyre so comfortable that I can wear them for upwards of 8 or 9 hours. Worn above with a Calvin Klein top, Gap corduorys, French Connection wooden box clutch, and a Stussy snapback to go on a late-night snack run. This hat has been a god-sent for the (many) times I cant deal with my hair.
Dressed up to go to the live Rocky Horror Picture Show. This was the day I cut my hair, I went to Floyd's barbershop and Joshua gave me a 1940's business man-esque cut. He styled it with Layrite pomade; Ive done it a few times but reverted to wearing the top curly. I also dyed my hair brown! My roots came in super quickly and frankly, I didnt have time to go out in search of a colorist. I havent touched a flat iron in about a month! Wearing a gap top, womens exercise shorts tights and leg warmers from Target, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Streets Legal leather jacket and various cuffs and vintage necklaces.