Monday, September 3, 2012

Fifteen Days.....

Anyways, Ive finally settled into my dorm room at SAIC! So happy to have my stuff unpacked and in my closets. These pictures were taken at the last big dinner gathering with my friends before we all parted ways for college.
(DKNY jacket,VersacexH&M top, Seven jeans, Mossimo belt, Pelle Moda boots, Kate Spade bag)
Before heading off to school, I went pants shopping and was very, very pleased to be buying size 12 trousers, a great improvement over the size 16's I was buying this time last year. I thought why not go with a green theme and before I knew it I looked just like Poison Ivy. This bag is actually one of the few "nice" bags I brought with me to college. It was very sad saying goodbye to a lot of my purses.
In case you were wondering, there are no spirits in this picture, its just summer's hair

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