Sunday, August 19, 2012


(French Connection top, Gap leather jacket, Social Collision jeans, Vintage bag and fox tail, Sam Edelman boots)
Spotted one day, pillaging through French Connections sale items on their website was the holy grail of black tops. I fell hard for this simple black jersey tee shirt with attached scarf/hood situation. Ordered the same day, I was heartbroken to find out I couldn't obtain it in another (palatable) color. I love the asymmetry and versatility of this top; I've been wearing it nonstop without any intention of stopping. I paired it with my new leather jacket that I bought on sale because of the stunningly different color; in real life its like a nude/light pink. I cant wait to wear this jacket with chunky knit sweater vests on top this Fall! Paired with tough heeled boots and a durable bag, this outfit worked perfectly for my weekend trip to Maine!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best it Gets

How stunning is my friend Summer? Not only is she one of my best friends ever, she is also my partner in crime for Fat girl Night, or my post Weight Watchers weigh in weekly dinner. With Summer sits the necessities for a fashion lover's night out; car keys ( a car), Blackberry (not ready to get on the Iphone train), and a vintage purse that says, "I know my shit."
After dinner at Chile's with an obtrusive and overly nosy waitress, we finished the night off with cheesecake and milkshakes at the diner. I wish I could say I made more than a dent in my strawberry cheesecake, but damn, I'm not used to full fat food anymore!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Eleven days....

Need to post more. Anyways...I have a surprise
I accidentally bought a shirt with a guy smoking...weed? I got it at a sample sale and was so enamored with the concept of an on sale (and sample size) Custo top that I didn't realize what was on the front. Still love it
(Le Chateau sweater, Custo Barcelona top, Pelle Moda boots, Brahmin bag, Silver fox tail)
I wore my awesome smoking shirt to work the other day and then threw on heels for Fat girl night. I also added my new favorite sweater that I bought at Le Chateau in Quebec a few weeks back. I love the heavy ribbing and shawl collar; I know ill wear it to death this year!
Finally somewhat breaking in these heels although they still hurt like hell
As much as I hate motorcycles when I'm driving next to them, I love posing with them!


Friday, August 3, 2012


(French Connection shirt, M Haskell necklace, Paradox Leathers bag, Castro shoes, Rush by Denis and Charles bracelet)
I know, its been like a legit week. In my defense, I haven't been on a vacation in years, so I wanted to take a few small trips this summer. I just got back from New York, and I was in Quebec and Montreal this past weekend. I love Montreal, the city is beautiful, and the gay clubs and fantastic! I also loved being in Quebec and being able to use my six years of french classes. I wore this outfit to go to dinner at Cafe Du Monde. The shirt was a gift from my boss last summer; I almost never remember that I own it, but I love getting it out, the subdued print is absolutely adorable. I bought my shoes when I was in Israel. I need to post better pictures, they are stunning. I love the juxtaposition between the classic wingtip oxford and the wooden soles and heels. Have a great weekend, I need to get up early for work!