Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oldie but Goodie

I always love pulling out my Hermes Kelly for a day or two; its one of those pieces that I love wearing so much, but try to too often in the name of fashion preservation. I still cant believe I own this bag
(French Connection shirt, Hermes bag, Pour la Victoire boots, Social Collision jeans, Antique necklace)
When I had my Bar Mitzvah over five years ago, I had two {or more} requests for my parents, which included a purple Tallis, or prayer shawl, and a huge gold Jewish star necklace. I got the tallis, but not the gangster-rapper necklace....until this past spring when I was in Israel and stumbled upon this gen in an antique shop. Its totally absurd and I love it. Paired with my most oddly colored shirt and boots from seasons ago. All for now, I need to pack for a quick trip to Canada!

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