Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Celebration is in Order!

(BCBG jacket, Gap top, gifted vintage neck cuff, Kate Spade bag, French Connection patent brogues)
Lets start off by addressing the title of this post; I can finally, after years of intense desire, fit into BCBG clothes! Slipping into this black blazer at the BCBG store was like being in a dream; I never thought Id get to wear their clothes! I am getting so close to the Weight Watchers 25 pound goal...hopefully next week.
I kept the rest of the outfit super simple and monochromatic; I did actually like wearing watching shoes and handbags. Its fun to visit such an old and antiquated rule. This picture was taken right before I sat down and unbuttoned my pants to the tune of all you can eat sushi; go figure! Have a great week, I think I'm going to wear this blazer again tomorrow

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