Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pracing Outside of Chili's

(Nicole Miller Artellier jacket, Gap top, Social Collision jeans, Mea Shadow shoes, Dooney and Bourke bag, assorted leather bracelets...Urban Outfitters?} 
Back to this jacket. I am so obsessed with the shape and the ingenious way that Ms. Miller has made horizontal stripes flattering. I wore this look to work with flat suede boots to work and threw on the pumps as I was getting out of my car to go to dinner with the best photographer; Summer Irving. I picked up this tee shirt when I bought multiples of my favorite black long sleeve tee shirts from Gap. I have a new theory on uniforms that will be revisited when all of the pieces arrive at my door. As for the  bag, I have always loved it, and being that my parents are living at out summer house I pilfered it for the day.
These shoes hurt like shit.....Anyways, I worked on my teen vogue inspired running and jumping short. Just a tip; don't eat first.

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