Friday, June 15, 2012


So before disclosing the obligatory "white robe" photos, id like to share a couple of new and instant favorites. I bought this bag at BCBG a few weeks ago. I instantly fell for the classic shape, croc embossed leather, versatile wearing possibilities, and double sided sequins. Obviously, the Chanel inspiration doesn't hurt either; I named this new stunner Coco. I also love that I can wear the fact that I can wear it with the long strap during the day or tuck the strap in and wear it as a clutch at night. The bracelet was a gift from my very good friend Carly; its by a brand called Denis and Charles and I haven't taken it off in almost a week. 
So, graduating. I was going to wear flats, but last minute thought of how boring I would look in my white robe and threw on my Steve madden leopard wedges. 
 I here is Mr. I, my college counselor. Sure, he looks nice, but as this photo was being taken he was whispering how he would quietly love if I fell in me heels at any point during the procession. 
This is called excitement; Ive been at the same school since fourth grade... 
Patricia and I after the ceremony; ready for French food and Rose champagne!
 I got an email about this picture making it into the local paper! Nothing like posing on a sink. All for now, I need to start doing my hair for tonight's dinner, happy weekend!!

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