Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Are Very Much in Love

OK, so I'm not usually into impulse buys, but a fellow shopper and I had a semi religious awakening....Orange purses. Ive been freaking out about my prom outfit, being that I don't want to wear a tux but I also don't want to look (too) crazy. This anxiety has translated into me shopping almost everyday after work, and online after the stores close. On Friday, I was making returns and  buying a mothers day present when I caught sight of the Michael Kors large Joan satchel in orange Ostrich embossed leather. 
(This is my re-enacted face...surprised, in love, and a little gassy from lunch)
(I waited until I got home to do this)
It was love at first sight, I bought it right on the spot. I never do this, and it was strange to not let the purchase mull around for a while. I like to usually wait at least a week to buy anything over a hundred dollars to be sure its the perfect piece. That being said, this bag was in my car after ten minutes. I'm obsessed with the ladylike shape, stunning textured leather, and the color is awesome. I never thought I would own an orange purse, but the color is surprisingly neutral. Ive been petting it nonstop since I bought it. I really cant remember the last time Ive been so happy with a purchase. All for now, I need to do laundry and write my last paper of high school...only a week late.

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