Sunday, May 6, 2012

(Kidrobot sweatshirt, French Connection tee shirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, vintage Valentino purse, Leila Rose scarf)
I know, I'm sorry I haven't posted in like a year. Between jet-lag, allergies, and a new full time job, Ive been swamped! I'm so glad to be home; Poland and Israel were definitely life changing, but I missed my parents, real food, my blackberry, and my closet. I wore this outfit last night to get pizza (definitely not on weight watchers) with one of my best friends. I feel like this outfit is very me, three years ago. But now, working in a real life job situation again and dressing the part, I was aching to wear something fun and mildly comical. I threw on the scarf as an afterthought and I actually really like the way it looks with the sweat shirt and red purse. I wasn't allowed to wear heels for two weeks on my trip; it felt amazing to put on a pair again! I really missed being six feet. All for now, I need to write my last paper of high school!

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