Monday, May 21, 2012

I never knew how high maintenance colored hair was. That being said, I dont think I have ever enjoyed anything more. My hair was beginning to look a bit tortured; between constant straightening, coloring, and other, it was time to make a change. This new shade of blonde/red was fun while it lasted but it turned brassy quickly and I found that anything with blonde looks more damaged. Also, this is the texture of my hair when I wake up...I really hate my hair.
So I died my hair orange. I know Ive been experimenting with all different reds, but in honor of prom and general eccentricity, I decided that this intense, almost fluorescent color would suit me just fine. I also like the juxtaposition of the intense and rebellious color with my classic and demure haircut and style. Above pictured is my genius hairdresser Stephanie. Ive mentioned her a ton of times, and I thought it was time to show her off. All for now, I need to edit my prom pictures!

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