Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Clearly, the second installment

(Nicole Miller Artiler cocoon jacket, French Connection shirt, Gap jeans, Pour la Victoire boots, Cole haan clutch)
So heres part two. Out of sheer adoration, I decided to wear this jacket out to dinner, but an outfit change was a clear necessity. I decided to go for a "Bloutfit" which is essentially an outfit comprised of all blue pieces. Pattern mixing only adds another level of mildly comical sartorial irony. I really love this look; its just reserved enough to not be obscene..fringing on obscenity?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Graduation to Me!

(Nicole Miller Atelier cocoon jacket, Hanes tee shirt, Tripp NYC jeans, Frye studded boots, Coach bag)
 Since working at the Dressing Room boutique in Wallingford Ct, I have had a bit of an obsession. Ever since I unwrapped this Nicole Miller Atelier jacket, I have wanted to call it mine. In an effort to be fiscally responsible, I told myself I would wait until the first of the month to buy anything. When we sold all but one I broke into a sweat; should I break my rule? After what seemed like a week of deliberating (one whole day) my boss walked into work with what seemed like a huge tootsie much better. The jacket is mine and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much Cris!
 I wore it with a plain white tee and a pair of red jeans that I bought when I picked out the pair I wore to prom. The jacket is great for twirling; I worn it two days in a row! All for now, Happy Memorial day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

After Prom

If there is anything I can stress on this blog it would be the imperative necessity that one's wardrobe has for the perfect basics. I think few pieces trump the perfect denim shirt.
(Gap shirt with white snap buttons, Target trousers, Kenneth Cole belt, vintage necklace, Charles David clutch, Steve Madden ponyskin boots)
I wore this out to go to the Pez candy museum and get sushi with a couple of friends last week. Lunch was great, but we were late for the museum and it was closed by time we got there so we ended up going for a beach walk. I am so excited that Ive finally broken in these shoes! They still hurt but I can now tolerate them for a few hours. Im pooped; off to watch a movie with my mom, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am SO glad that prom is over. The sheer anxiety related to my outfit was far too much to handle; I legitimately lost sleep over my ensemble. Above is my date summer in a high/low dress and my friend Joanie wearing a black satin Calvin Klein.
 (Theory Blazer, Bibas shirt, Bowtie from Century 21, Tripp NYC pants, Levity shoes, Charles David clutch)
I really wanted to find the perfect pair of printed trousers for prom. I had originally planned on wearing all black, but I decided that for senior prom, it was important to think outside of the box. I found these pants on a late night, online shopping trip on Hottopic,com. I also bought solid lipstick red ones, and although I love them, they were a bit too much for prom. I then added the black shirt and blazer to ground and subdue the pants. The bowtie looked perfect, and the clutch was actually added by my mom as I was walking out the door. The shoes have been an obsession for quite a while. I finally bought them when they went on sale, and I couldn't be happier to finally own them! All for now, I am exhausted from my workout and I really need some dark chocolate.

Monday, May 21, 2012

I never knew how high maintenance colored hair was. That being said, I dont think I have ever enjoyed anything more. My hair was beginning to look a bit tortured; between constant straightening, coloring, and other, it was time to make a change. This new shade of blonde/red was fun while it lasted but it turned brassy quickly and I found that anything with blonde looks more damaged. Also, this is the texture of my hair when I wake up...I really hate my hair.
So I died my hair orange. I know Ive been experimenting with all different reds, but in honor of prom and general eccentricity, I decided that this intense, almost fluorescent color would suit me just fine. I also like the juxtaposition of the intense and rebellious color with my classic and demure haircut and style. Above pictured is my genius hairdresser Stephanie. Ive mentioned her a ton of times, and I thought it was time to show her off. All for now, I need to edit my prom pictures!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Rest...

(Forever 21 shirt, vintage bowtie, Target pants, Kenneth Cole belt, Michael Kors bag, Sam Edelman boots)
I went for dinner and to a play with a few friends on Saturday night. I actually wore this outfit to work with flat suede boots. I swapped the boots for my favorite, super comfy clog platforms, washed my face, and was out the door in five minutes. I had bought the bag the night before, so I planned this outfit around it to optimize the brightness and excitement of the new purchase. I am so obsessed with these shoes as well. I don't know what it is, but they are six inches tall and they feel like flats. I also love this picture because it is the first outfit post where I feel like I look thin; being back to weight watchers is something I never thought I would be doing in my senior year of high school, but I gotta look cute at fashion school!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

We Are Very Much in Love

OK, so I'm not usually into impulse buys, but a fellow shopper and I had a semi religious awakening....Orange purses. Ive been freaking out about my prom outfit, being that I don't want to wear a tux but I also don't want to look (too) crazy. This anxiety has translated into me shopping almost everyday after work, and online after the stores close. On Friday, I was making returns and  buying a mothers day present when I caught sight of the Michael Kors large Joan satchel in orange Ostrich embossed leather. 
(This is my re-enacted face...surprised, in love, and a little gassy from lunch)
(I waited until I got home to do this)
It was love at first sight, I bought it right on the spot. I never do this, and it was strange to not let the purchase mull around for a while. I like to usually wait at least a week to buy anything over a hundred dollars to be sure its the perfect piece. That being said, this bag was in my car after ten minutes. I'm obsessed with the ladylike shape, stunning textured leather, and the color is awesome. I never thought I would own an orange purse, but the color is surprisingly neutral. Ive been petting it nonstop since I bought it. I really cant remember the last time Ive been so happy with a purchase. All for now, I need to do laundry and write my last paper of high school...only a week late.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally decided...Ill be heading off the the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the fall!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

(Kidrobot sweatshirt, French Connection tee shirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, vintage Valentino purse, Leila Rose scarf)
I know, I'm sorry I haven't posted in like a year. Between jet-lag, allergies, and a new full time job, Ive been swamped! I'm so glad to be home; Poland and Israel were definitely life changing, but I missed my parents, real food, my blackberry, and my closet. I wore this outfit last night to get pizza (definitely not on weight watchers) with one of my best friends. I feel like this outfit is very me, three years ago. But now, working in a real life job situation again and dressing the part, I was aching to wear something fun and mildly comical. I threw on the scarf as an afterthought and I actually really like the way it looks with the sweat shirt and red purse. I wasn't allowed to wear heels for two weeks on my trip; it felt amazing to put on a pair again! I really missed being six feet. All for now, I need to write my last paper of high school!