Monday, April 2, 2012


I just got my hair done the afternoon I last posted. My hairdresser threw in a few blonde highlights; I'm glad she did it without telling me, the last time I had blonde highlights was a disaster! I call this pose, "extending a hand in readiness for falling."
 (French connection shirt, Social Collision medium wash jeans, Steve Madden boots, vintage bag)
I picked up this shirt at French Connection when I was in the city a few weeks ago. I have to say that its not necessarily my favorite colorway; that being said, I bought it because its very different. I own nothing mustard, and I thought it time to add a bit of it to my wardrobe. Its also the same cut as my grey FCUK top that I wear nearly every day, so regardless of what color it is, I will undoubtedly wear it a ton. I love the mix of the mustard shirt with my leopard booties. I'm so upset that these are as painful as they are. They've gotten so little wear because I can go for about an hour before I start wincing. 
I thought that this picture was so classy that it needed to be put in black and white. I'm planning on turning this shot into a greeting card. All for now, Ive gotta prep for college visits

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