Friday, March 23, 2012

Turning into a Bro

Some recent purchases; Nike Dunks and a snapback hat from Stussy. I'm going on a trip in a few weeks and needed "walking shoes." I thought, what better that Dunks? I love the black on grey colorway, they're just almost on the borderline of being chic. To be frank, I really, really wanted the white on white pair, but I'm a complete klutz and they would be white for like twenty minutes. But actually.  Anyways, When the packing list also called for a hat, a snapback cap seemed just as ironically fashionable as the sneakers. I chose this grey flannel because again, I wanted to go with the chicest possible incarnation of a snapback hat. The two pieces look pretty sick together. I think besides the shopping out of necessity, these two pieces really came from the need for masculine accessories. I love heels, purses, and women's coats, but when push comes to shove, feminine pieces need masculine counterparts. This rings true not only for me, but for women too. I can only pack so many women's pieces into my closet until I really need something manly. Think of my Gap anorak, leather biker jacket, or Bass boots. These hyper masculine pieces help to balances other garments or accessories that scream "bought in the woman's section. All for now, its breakfast time!

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