Thursday, March 8, 2012

Naughty Schoolgirl

This is the last installment, for now, of my sew-fest. When working on my portfolio, I wanted to show a lot of technique. For anyone who sews, matching seams and pleats with printed fabric is extremely difficult; plaid is no exception. I also wanted to remake the classic schoolgirl dress. I created a boxier cut, raised the waistline, and jacked up the hem about a foot. My favorite element is the lace covered taffeta collar; I think the lace on top of the plaid gives a great element of texture. 
 For my portfolio, I used the first photo, but I must say, I personally prefer this picture. Doesn't Maddie look adorable? As a designer, its always fun to do something completely different, although this isn't completely my aesthetic, I think it still shows off my personal style. All for now, I still haven't started my homework.

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