Thursday, March 15, 2012

Done With Apps

Back in Ct. When I was planning my trip to the city, I wanted to only pack great clothing and leave my friends apartment looking flawless everyday. I did that almost everyday. 
(Kenneth Cole trench, Hawkins McGill shirt, Gap jeans, Bass boots, Nicole Miller bag)
I am so excited to finally post this trench. I had wanted it for quite a while and finally took the plunge to celebrate finishing my applications...except they weren't yet done so I waited to wear it. Its such an interesting piece in the sense that its a statement piece, hence the reason I used it for my new blog picture, but also really timeless and I can see wearing it to death. I am literally so in love. Speaking of wearing to death, these blue leopard jeans and suede boots have definitely been getting a lot of attention. I think its hysterical that blue leopard has become a neutral element in my wardrobe. I also never thought I'd be a combat boot kind of guy, but then again, how well do we really know ourselves? All for now, I need to return to work AKA work.

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