Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Backpack

I want a leather backpack so badly. My mo is going to give me so much crap because I give her crap for her leather backpacks, but I need to make a clear distinction. I really hate the 1990's style leather backpack purses ie, small, thin straps, and overall wimpy feeling. I want a large-ish scale substantial leather backpack. The above one is from The Row.
 (Photo Credit-Netaporter)
I'm obviously not buying this many-thousand dollar version, but with the need of visual aid, why not use the best of the best? I'm in the city for a few days on sabbatical (is that used right? I heard it somewhere) Anyways, I'm ecstatic that spring break is here and I have much, much sewing to catch up on. All for now, have a good Sunday!

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