Saturday, March 31, 2012

#1 Sweater

(Armani Exchange shirt and kick ass sweater, Social Collision jeans, vintage Fendi bag, Frye studded boots)
Heres the sweater. I posted it here, and realized that you cant really see what lies beneath a leather jacket. For the sake if this post, I should have steamed it, but its awesomeness translates even through wrinkles. First off, its black, which is a great start. I love a cotton knit, being than I am always hot, and the large ribs give great texture. What really sold me was the asymmetrical zipper that allows the sweater to be worn as a cardigan, turtleneck, or my favorite, open necked. Purer genius; Ive had to physically stop myself from wearing it because I went through a three week period where I wore it every other day. The shirt was an old buy that I got in LA; its actually a short sleeved woven. I really hate short sleeved wovens, however, I went through a two month period where I bought a ton and now am forced to think of ways to wear them. All for now, I hope you like this picture that includes the Saab I got for my eighteenth birthday.

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