Saturday, March 31, 2012

#1 Sweater

(Armani Exchange shirt and kick ass sweater, Social Collision jeans, vintage Fendi bag, Frye studded boots)
Heres the sweater. I posted it here, and realized that you cant really see what lies beneath a leather jacket. For the sake if this post, I should have steamed it, but its awesomeness translates even through wrinkles. First off, its black, which is a great start. I love a cotton knit, being than I am always hot, and the large ribs give great texture. What really sold me was the asymmetrical zipper that allows the sweater to be worn as a cardigan, turtleneck, or my favorite, open necked. Purer genius; Ive had to physically stop myself from wearing it because I went through a three week period where I wore it every other day. The shirt was an old buy that I got in LA; its actually a short sleeved woven. I really hate short sleeved wovens, however, I went through a two month period where I bought a ton and now am forced to think of ways to wear them. All for now, I hope you like this picture that includes the Saab I got for my eighteenth birthday.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Grey Reptiles WORKING IT

On my daily perusing of Netaporter, I stumbled upon two skin pieces that I think would be amazing for spring. First off, this stunning lizard cuff bracelet by Maison Martin Margiela. Its so unbelievably simple, and therefore that much more special. 
 (Photo Credit- Netaporter)
I also adore this crocodile bad by Nancy Gonzalez. I am a huge fan of her work, and frankly, in my mind, she can do no wrong. I love the gentle and soothing colorway and anything in crocodile is automatically on my wishlist.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games

(Urban Outfitters sweater, French Connection top, Social Collision jeans, Brahmin bag, Silver Fox tail, Sam Edelman boots)
Just a super quick post; I'm back to school and already behind on work. I wore this to go see the Hunger Games. I am obsessed with this sweater. I picked it up when I bought my snapback hat. Thanks to Joanie for the two birthday items, I love them! Ive been wearing the sweater non stop and I love that its something that I wouldn't usually have.
I would like to comment on how nice it is to bring out an old favorite pair of shoes. I haven't worn my Zoylas in a while, but they're the most comfortable heels I own and I am going to have huge problems when they're completely worn out.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Turning into a Bro

Some recent purchases; Nike Dunks and a snapback hat from Stussy. I'm going on a trip in a few weeks and needed "walking shoes." I thought, what better that Dunks? I love the black on grey colorway, they're just almost on the borderline of being chic. To be frank, I really, really wanted the white on white pair, but I'm a complete klutz and they would be white for like twenty minutes. But actually.  Anyways, When the packing list also called for a hat, a snapback cap seemed just as ironically fashionable as the sneakers. I chose this grey flannel because again, I wanted to go with the chicest possible incarnation of a snapback hat. The two pieces look pretty sick together. I think besides the shopping out of necessity, these two pieces really came from the need for masculine accessories. I love heels, purses, and women's coats, but when push comes to shove, feminine pieces need masculine counterparts. This rings true not only for me, but for women too. I can only pack so many women's pieces into my closet until I really need something manly. Think of my Gap anorak, leather biker jacket, or Bass boots. These hyper masculine pieces help to balances other garments or accessories that scream "bought in the woman's section. All for now, its breakfast time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rose Tint

(Vintage Levi's vest, vintage pink sweater,Gap cords, Pour la Victoire boots, vintage bag, French Connection scarf)
I wore this out to dinner on Saturday night. This has always been a favorite sweater, and in the forever-occurring process of cleaning my room, I found this sweater under a pile of socks. I by chance tried it on while wearing these pants and then had the realization of how fabulous these two colors look together. As much as it kills me to type this, I wore the scarf with this look because it ...matched. I cant stand the word match because people often get really hung up on trying to match clothing, when its more important to make sure that your outfit goes together. Matching is yesterday's way of dressing. Worn with my trailer trash vest, favorite heels, and a great bag that doubles as a clutch. All for now, I have so much sewing to catch up on.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Staying Chic

 I cant believe its taken me so long to post this new addition to my winter wardrobe. About a month ago, I picked up this amazing snood from a consignment store. Its by MaxMara and I couldn't be more in love. I wore it about a week ago and before posting the picture realized how horrendous my facial expression was; Ill have to take some new ones soon. What I love about this snood, besides the unmatched quality of an Italian knit, is the crazy fit. Its super narrow and long, so when its worn, it looks like a turtleneck instead of a snood. So genius. All for now, I'm still cleaning my room.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hiking in Heels

The other day, my friend and I drive all the way up East Rock...and hiked the rest of the way up. Hiking in heels is never boring.
(Marc Jacobs jacket, Gap top, vintage scarf, Sam Edelman boots, vintage Coach backpack)
After getting home from the city, I went to grab lunch with one of my best friends Summer. We were going to do a photoshoot until I realized that I had already blogged the outfit I was wearing. After a quick outfit change we then went to the summit of East rock. I planned this outfit around the vintage Coach backpack. It belonged to my late aunt, and besides being her, its also really special to have an original Coach piece from the collections that are now being copied for the re-makes now. I always get excited to wear this jacket; I bought it in Provincetown with a very good friend when I was staying at her family's house. 
I hope you enjoyed these gratuitous photos of me; have a great Saturday night!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Done With Apps

Back in Ct. When I was planning my trip to the city, I wanted to only pack great clothing and leave my friends apartment looking flawless everyday. I did that almost everyday. 
(Kenneth Cole trench, Hawkins McGill shirt, Gap jeans, Bass boots, Nicole Miller bag)
I am so excited to finally post this trench. I had wanted it for quite a while and finally took the plunge to celebrate finishing my applications...except they weren't yet done so I waited to wear it. Its such an interesting piece in the sense that its a statement piece, hence the reason I used it for my new blog picture, but also really timeless and I can see wearing it to death. I am literally so in love. Speaking of wearing to death, these blue leopard jeans and suede boots have definitely been getting a lot of attention. I think its hysterical that blue leopard has become a neutral element in my wardrobe. I also never thought I'd be a combat boot kind of guy, but then again, how well do we really know ourselves? All for now, I need to return to work AKA work.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Uber Chic

(Theory vest, Bibas vest, French Connection shit, BCBG clutch, Cynthia Vincent wedges)
On my mini-vacation, I wanted to dress a bit more than usual. I actaully wore two fun outfits today, but because only was in heels, the outfit in flats looks dumpy and stout. Better luck tomorrow. Anyways, I wore this to go to lunch, and I really enjoyed getting this vest out again. I just realized that this is the first time that I've posted myself in sunglasses; I'm into it. The rest of the outfit was composed of stellar basics, a shirt that I should really wear more often, and my favorite high heel "walking shoes". All for now, this is the last day of my NYC vacation!
PS. Check Maddie's Flickr, she outdid herself on my new blog photo!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Backpack

I want a leather backpack so badly. My mo is going to give me so much crap because I give her crap for her leather backpacks, but I need to make a clear distinction. I really hate the 1990's style leather backpack purses ie, small, thin straps, and overall wimpy feeling. I want a large-ish scale substantial leather backpack. The above one is from The Row.
 (Photo Credit-Netaporter)
I'm obviously not buying this many-thousand dollar version, but with the need of visual aid, why not use the best of the best? I'm in the city for a few days on sabbatical (is that used right? I heard it somewhere) Anyways, I'm ecstatic that spring break is here and I have much, much sewing to catch up on. All for now, have a good Sunday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Naughty Schoolgirl

This is the last installment, for now, of my sew-fest. When working on my portfolio, I wanted to show a lot of technique. For anyone who sews, matching seams and pleats with printed fabric is extremely difficult; plaid is no exception. I also wanted to remake the classic schoolgirl dress. I created a boxier cut, raised the waistline, and jacked up the hem about a foot. My favorite element is the lace covered taffeta collar; I think the lace on top of the plaid gives a great element of texture. 
 For my portfolio, I used the first photo, but I must say, I personally prefer this picture. Doesn't Maddie look adorable? As a designer, its always fun to do something completely different, although this isn't completely my aesthetic, I think it still shows off my personal style. All for now, I still haven't started my homework.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Sweater

Its been a little while I know; Ive been crazy busy and I cant wait for spring break! I wore this outfit over the weekend to grab dinner and various other activities with a few friends. This was the second time in this sweater this week; I wore it to school and was shocked at the amounts of compliments I got, especially from my male teachers. My only problem with it is that it is extremely difficult to drive it because the bulk of the material has to sit in your lap. 
 (DKNY sweater "called a cozy", Gap top, Levi's jeans, Pour la Victoire boots, Brahmin bag, vintage silk scarf)
Obviously, when wearing an investment item like this sweater, it needs to be the star of the outfit. I paired it down with simple no-stretch grey jeans, my favorite black top (I bought duplicates), sick heels, and a classic bag. The silk scarf may be a bit much, but I love the hit of yellow against the blue.These heels are the best. I love the super high heel (almost 6 inches) and the blue textured leather is stunning and unexpected. Its times like these that I get so excited about my past and future in clothing and footwear investments. All for now, drowning in homework.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

(Almost) All Black

(Kenneth Cole glasses, Armani Exchange sweater, Streets Legal leather jacket, Kade Spade bag, Sam Edelman Falken boots)
This post was supposed to be about the sweater I am wearing; you cant see it, hence my posting frustration. Anyways, I bought it during fashion week and its a bomb ass piece, Ill be re-posting it soon. I got new glasses; I really love the tortoise shell look with my red hair, and the red sides are a fun and mildly constant surprise when I look in the mirror. The frames are women's sunglasses. The rest of the outfit is super simple, picked out to showcase the sweater (damnit) and I was really excited to wear my new boots. I am in love; they are almost six inches and unbelievably comfortable. I even wore them to school the other day! All for now, I haven't really started my homework and its almost 11...