Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Passionatly In Love

(Photo Credit- Netaporter)
I am in love with these Jimmy Choo glitter sneakers. I am desperately searching for a glitter shoe for Spring!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Part four of my (somewhat) recent sewing binge. The inspiration behind this dress was the unbelievably perfect coordination of these two fabrics. Thats right, two. the skirt is made of the front and back sides of a metallic twill. The bodice is boned; I really wanted to experiment with ruching; Ive never done it before and I am proud of the first outcome. Lets just say that there is a lot of room for improvement. I created the two-tone skirt to give the illusion of impossibly small hips. I added a vintage leather belt for waist emphasis, and we styled the outfit with gold leather sandals to lighten the heavy look of the outfit. All for now, I hope you guys enjoy the design posts!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthdays and Such

I am so glad its almost Friday. I feel like four day weeks always feel longer and more arduous. I wanted to post the outfit I wore when I went out with a few friends to celebrate my birthday alongside my friend Joanie who has the same birthday.
(Calvin Klein coat and top, Social Collision jeans, Pelle Moda boots, BCBG clutch)
I wanted to wear something super, super simple. Ive been wearing this Calvin Klein top like its my job; I sized up and I love the 1980's feeling of the ringspun and overdyed cotton. Worn with a super old coat that I got in seventh grade and perfect black skinnies. I wanted to make sure that my current favorite shoes got the spotlight; They kill but they're so beautiful. I may or may not have fallen outside of the movie theater after seeing the vow; the leather on the inside of one of the boots got messed up, but nothing super glue and shoe polish cant fix. All for now, I'm going to try not staying up until 2AM doing homework.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cocktails Anyone?

This dress is very, very close to my heart. This pattern, heavily inspired by the 1950's,  it is the first dress pattern I really mastered when I started selling my clothing. Believe it or not, this is a pattern I can make in around three hours; that's whats so great about sewing, with a simple pattern and awesome fabric, a going out ready dress can be but a few hours away. I love the mix of polka dots and the juxtaposition of the shine factor of the natural luster of silk and the silver painted polka dots. As a designer I think having a niche is very important; I like to think that cocktail wear is mine. Print mixing too.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What I Wore

This picture was taken at Lyn Devon's presentation. Devon is wearing her own designs; I love that she paired down her bustier and crop pants with flats; only further demonstrating how versatile her clothes are.
 (Versace for H&M coat and silk scarf, Armani Exchange shirt, Tommy Hilfiger tie, worn with Pelle Moda boots and then Schmoove brogues)
(Lord and Taylor blazer, Eileen Fisher silk top, Versace for H&M skirt, B Makowsky boots)
Patricia and I wanted to match; I bought these two pieces for this reason. I wanted to wear this coat because I bought it for Fashion week, and the Pelle Moda boots were for their general shit-kicking, no bullshit quality. I lasted thirty minutes in them. All for now, Im cleaning my moms closet and trying to find people to drag to Ikea's breakfast buffet.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lyn Devon Fall/Winter 2012

Wednesday, at approximately 11 AM, Patricia and I stepped into the gorgeous Hudson hotel, dressed in out Fashion Week best for the Lyn Devon presentation. Upon arrival to the penthouse, I was blown away by what I saw; vintage cuts, uplifting prints, saturated colors, and the best usage of angora that Ive ever seen.
 This opening look essentially personifies the reason I love the collection so much. I think this is such a new and fresh way to approach winter. It can be so easy to revert to grey and black; I love how Devon used saturated, yet muted colors to give the collection a light feeling. These trousers are to die for. Did I mention that everything is manufactured in New York? Yeah, that makes it even better. I loved watching Devon's eyes light up when she was talking about walking into her factory and seeing her clothing being produced. 
The drape on the back of this coat was sick; pointy toe Manolo's don't hurt either.
Perhaps the best usage of yellow leather Ive ever seen. I love the modest keyhole, but frankly, I cant think of pairing this skirt with anything that could possible overshadow it. I also love that its not skintight; it is way to easy to go sexy with a leather skirt. 
I absolutely loved the mix of drapery and knit. Beyond the stunning mix of magenta and navy, the juxtaposition of the asymmetric drapery and Angora is genius. The perfect mix of casual and high end. Obsessed.
So chic, not much else to say except that I really, really want these pants. The color is so saturated and rich, these separates are an awesome way to get more for your money.
From a construction standpoint, the designer in me loves the make of the bustier. The perfection of the peplum seams and darts was done expertly, and I really, really appreciate the attention to detail. Most people wouldn't see a wool bustier as an investment piece, but this is perhaps the most timeless bustier I have ever seen.
On a side note, I am ENAMORED with this laser cut suede top. I cant imagine any changes that could possibly make this better. I can see this looking really smart styled on top of a buttoned up oxford shirt with ripped up denim shorts and tights. Ill be ricking that look when I become a six foot size two model, for your information. 
Hands down, favorite piece from the collection. When I picked up this sweater coat I fell in love. The angora is so plush and lovely; it feels just like a fur coat. I cant describe how fantastic this piece is, I genuinely feel lucky to have touched it. I now have an unquenchable thirst for angora, I really need to get my hands on this piece.
(Photo Credit-Lyn Devon and myself)
Me with the designer and model. Thank you so much for having me; I had an amazing time and I cant wait to see more!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Like Sewing Kleenex

I really love this piece. When I saw this fabric, I really wanted to make a gown with an element of invisibility and the illusion of floating sections. I created a pattern that could be sectioned easily; crafting the top was extremely difficult, because I felt like the dress needed at least one element to break up the horizontal element. An asymmetrical neck and structured shoulder fit the bill. The difficult part of constructing the gown came with the addition of bias cut, single layers of nude tulle. The construction had to be done almost exclusively by hand to ensure invisible seam, and although I went to bed more than once with bleeding fingertips, I am thrilled with the outcome. Although I have tons more I could write about this dress, I need to cut myself off to get ready to head over to fashion week tomorrow!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dancing With 13 Year Olds

I wore this Friday night to go to my school's middle school dance. As a mentor, I get to go too and frankly, I think I have more fun than the middle schoolers. 
(Gap jacket, vintage denim vest and silk scarf, H&M top, target pants, Hot Topic belt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, vintage Roni Berg bag)
My cousin gifted me this jacket a few months ago, and I forgot all about it until I was getting dressed the other night. The scarf was recently purchased with another excited piece of neckwear, and the rest of the outfit was picked up off of my floor in a effort to clean up before company came over. All for now; one more application to go!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Parsons Challenge Part 1

So here it begins, the first installment of my Parsons challenge. Fashion applications are horrendous and I am happy to say that I am just about finished. For those of you who don't know, the Parsons challenge is essentially a three pieces collection of work necessary to apply to Parsons; the pieces must be inspired by something that you couldn't live without. Working and shopping in the city, I couldn't live without the Metro North trains. The above piece was inspired by the Metro North train color scheme, the men's uniforms, and a sign I saw on the train that said "Do Not Enter."
I constructed the blouse with a yoke in order to keep flat shoulders while keeping a great deal of volume. The blouse is anchored to black jersey briefs to keep the great deal of fabric tucked and tidy when worn with the skirt. The skirt is made of silk shantung; I used an 11 piece pattern to keep a tight fit on the waist and stomach and volume on the bottom. I hope you enjoyed this outfit. more to come!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Ever Sexy Jacob Z Shanbrom

This picture is the continuation from the video I posted a couple of weeks back. I was so appreciative when I got this picture emailed to me; I look really hot. As narcissistic as that sounds, I think for the first time, I look attractive in a masculine way. The model at the bottom is wearing a Fringe by Jacob Z Shanbrom satin bodysuit with jersey briefs and a vintage belt. 
(Photo Credit-Zack Bowler of Reel Talk)
My second model wore a Fringe by Jacob Z Shanbrom black jersey plunging V minidress with a chiffon bias cut shirt. All for now, again, huge thanks to Zack Bowler, Julius Stone, and everyone else who made this shoot possible!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Versace on Versace

(Versasce for H&M coat and shirt, Cole Haan shoes, Perry Ellis belt, Whiting and Davis clutch)
Worn last night to my birthday dinner with my parents and my friend Simona. I wanted to look classy and elegant at my favorite French restaurant; I faced quite a bit of resistance from everyone I was with over the whole buttoning the top button debate. Anyways, I've had these two pieces on a hanger together for a while, they're obviously meant for each other. On another note, I unearthed these Cole Haan oxfords after not wearing them for over a year, they were in the outfit that I posted first on Fringing on Obscenity. Ah memories. Like the new hair color? Its crazy bright and I love it; it looks mildly psychotic in the sun. All for now, one more college essay to go!
This is an accurate representation of the remnants of Simona's outfit from last night. She wore a BB Dakota dress with Steve Madden leopard loafers...and sweatpants.
Her hair looks nice.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Excited To Wear (!!!)

For my birthday, I wanted to pick up a couple pairs of shoes to spruce up my otherwise all black shoe collection. I bought those stunning (and very painful) leopard ponyskin booties and I also picked up these. They're super comfortable, and they're the kind of shoe that I can see wearing into the ground. They stone grey color is also very refreshing and different. I cant wait to wear them with dark denim, chunky knits, and my new periwinkle Marcoliani socks. All for now, two more college applications to go!