Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When Attending a School Dance

I would apologize for the lack of posting if I wasn't drowning under an immense amount of college applications. I wore this last Saturday night to go to a school dance. With but twenty minutes to get dressed, I decided to omit color coordination and fully commit to wearing maroon. With everything in the same color, dressing was a breeze.
(French Connection jacket, Bibas shirt, vintage Dior tie, Gap corduroy skinnies, vintage leopard bag, Steve Madden ponyskin booties)
Besides dressing like a plum, I really wanted to wear one of the two pairs of heels I bought myself for my birthday. I fell in love with the large scale leopard ponyskin. I also love the idea of adding sky high wedge onto a menswear inspired desert boot silhouette. Contrary to common sense, they are one of the most painful pairs of shoes I've worn in a while...I was mildly crippled on Sunday. It may have also been the fact that dancing in these for three hours was maybe not the best idea. All in all, the look is more than worth the pain, this is what Advil was invented for. All for now, Ive got to get back to work!

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