Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toasty in the Back Seat

(F21 Shawl, Gap shirt, customized Social Collision jeans, Isabel Toledo boots, Calvin Klein bag)
I wore this the other night to grab Mexican food with a few friends. I am in love with this poncho; I bought it in August a few years ago at Forever 21. The Man Repeller  has the same one; I like it on her, but I do think I rock the plaid blanket look better...sorry Leandra. The chambray shirt and white jeans are for a laid back vibe, I also wanted to juxtapose the beaded bag. I would come up with a reason for the heels, but frankly, all outfits should really be worn with heels.
 Excuse the short post; I need to finish my application to my favorite school and I need to write an essay...and also read the book that the essay is on.
Wish me luck

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