Monday, January 16, 2012

Mild Fail

(Love Quotes scarf, Gap shirt, Ben Sherman blazer, Sam Edelman boots, Cole Haan bag) 
Did you know that restaurants close at 10? I didn't, hence the failing title which included walking around downtown New Haven in heels for half an hour before realizing that every restaurant was closed or a club. Anyways, Posting this week will be super scarce, its exam time and I'm already having legit anxiety about my Pre-calc exam tomorrow morning. I started this outfit with the pants I was already wearing, the top came into play and I then gave over fully to pattern mixing and wedges. All in a nights work. The upside to every restaurant being closed was the discovery that diners never close; nothing can brighten a bad night like a really good bacon egg and cheese. All for now, I really need to finish studying. 

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