Monday, January 2, 2012

Litas For Big Boys

As much as I know that everyone is damn sick of talking about the Lita boots, I have a bit of news. While perusing Solestruck, I saw a brand that I didn't recognize; First by Jeffrey Campbell. The first few shoes were some normal, run-of-the-mill mens leather boots and then I saw these. JC has started making the Lita boots in mens sizes! As if these weren't already overdone, JC is now appealing to a new demographic. I guess I have a hard time liking the idea of "mens" Litas because my adorable feet fit perfectly into a womens size 10 or 41. Then i started thinking about those unfortunate other with large feet who cant wear womens shoes. But at that point, I feel like the already monstrous Lita shoe would look clownish and perhaps irresponsible in a size 11 mens. That being said, both the black distressed leather and multi colored glitter  are completly sold out on Solestruck. 
(Photo Credit-Solestruck)
I do love the glitter version, but if i get them, I will be buying the womens version. In conclusion, I give Jeffrey Campbell a lot of credit for being one of the first brands to being mens high heels to the mass market and an affordable price. On the other hand, I think if you are a man and your feet are larger than a womens 11, maybe high heels shouldn't be your first shoe choice. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

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