Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Karl for Netaporter

I know everyone has been anxiously anticipating Karl Lagerfeld "Karl collection. Frankly, I forgot that today was the opening day, but I was super excited to see the collection. I picked a few of my favorite pieces. The above leather vest is a fun biker jacket alternative for warm weather. I also feel like white is such a great leather color, yet it is almost never used. Disclaimer, read the descriptions, about half of the leather items are faux. Its a pet peeve of mine, but if it doesn't bother you, go for it.
The shoes in the collection were super cute; a few looked a bit like Alexander Wang, but beyond that, these are my two favorite. I love the heel, but I think for the first time, the flat sneaker is my favorite shoe in the collection.
This tote is already sold out; obviously at twenty five dollars, it makes for a great inexpensive way to have a piece of the collection. The print is awesome and super recognizable, but the shape of the handles is a bit too much like the typical Jil Sander totes Still cute though.
 (Photo Credit-Netaporter)
By far, my favorite piece of the collection is this sequined collar. Theres a super cure leather one, and a less cute faux leather version. All for now, I have so much freaking homework.

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