Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When Attending a School Dance

I would apologize for the lack of posting if I wasn't drowning under an immense amount of college applications. I wore this last Saturday night to go to a school dance. With but twenty minutes to get dressed, I decided to omit color coordination and fully commit to wearing maroon. With everything in the same color, dressing was a breeze.
(French Connection jacket, Bibas shirt, vintage Dior tie, Gap corduroy skinnies, vintage leopard bag, Steve Madden ponyskin booties)
Besides dressing like a plum, I really wanted to wear one of the two pairs of heels I bought myself for my birthday. I fell in love with the large scale leopard ponyskin. I also love the idea of adding sky high wedge onto a menswear inspired desert boot silhouette. Contrary to common sense, they are one of the most painful pairs of shoes I've worn in a while...I was mildly crippled on Sunday. It may have also been the fact that dancing in these for three hours was maybe not the best idea. All in all, the look is more than worth the pain, this is what Advil was invented for. All for now, Ive got to get back to work!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Karl for Netaporter

I know everyone has been anxiously anticipating Karl Lagerfeld "Karl collection. Frankly, I forgot that today was the opening day, but I was super excited to see the collection. I picked a few of my favorite pieces. The above leather vest is a fun biker jacket alternative for warm weather. I also feel like white is such a great leather color, yet it is almost never used. Disclaimer, read the descriptions, about half of the leather items are faux. Its a pet peeve of mine, but if it doesn't bother you, go for it.
The shoes in the collection were super cute; a few looked a bit like Alexander Wang, but beyond that, these are my two favorite. I love the heel, but I think for the first time, the flat sneaker is my favorite shoe in the collection.
This tote is already sold out; obviously at twenty five dollars, it makes for a great inexpensive way to have a piece of the collection. The print is awesome and super recognizable, but the shape of the handles is a bit too much like the typical Jil Sander totes Still cute though.
 (Photo Credit-Netaporter)
By far, my favorite piece of the collection is this sequined collar. Theres a super cure leather one, and a less cute faux leather version. All for now, I have so much freaking homework.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Two Weeks ago, I rose from my friends apartment at 7AM to catch an 8 O'clock train from grand central to be back in Ct...for this shoot! It was an amazing, long (and cold) day, but so much fun. HUGE thanks to Julius Stone, Zack Bowler, Katrina Goldburn, Cara Cama, Justine Sheedy and Jaqui Taylor!!! All for now, college apps are my new hobby

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby's First Day of Skiing

      So yesterday I ventured on a ski trip with the greatest person ever, Simona.  She is an amazing skier, and I am a mere novice,simply on the road to the 2013 Winter Olympics.
      I arose bright and early on Friday morning to Dave's homemade breakfast of champions; peppers, eggs, and bacon. I then continued on to the magic carpet, where I ate snow many times. I was set up with skis, boots, poles, and a nice local Vermonter named Jack, who desperately tried to teach me how to ski.  His frozen beard was quite the accessory. He offered much advice, and I kind of learned how to pizza. I was scared of dieing and did not pack enough pairs of underwear for this trip.  After a mere hour and fifteen minutes, my feet were throbbing thanks to my flat footed-ness. My skis did not match my helmet, and I knew it was time to call it quits. I am not sure how I can wear six inch heels, but not ski boots. I found my way to the cafeteria where I sat and watched many ski lodge goers drink beer at eleven in the morning, while I hydrated with some steamy hot chocolate. There is a whole new world out there; young, wild, free, and not for me
 (Insert picture: This is me, attempting to ski, steering with my hips.)
      Today, I needed to recover from my back country adventure.  I went on a snow shoeing trek over winding mountains, where I conveniently arrived at a coffee shop and enjoyed a delicious berry smoothy.  The crisp coolness of the blueberry quenched my thirst. I enjoyed the frozen flavor as it slithered down my throat. 
        I continued my day with a trip to the spa.  I was unaware of the proper under the robe etiquette, I decided to keep them on. BAD CHOICE. I met a nice mountain man and enjoyed my own sweat in a sauna.
  In summary, skiing is not for me. I have not had an opportunity to wear anything leopard, and I rather have Loubitons than ski boots.  Ta-ta for now, I am off to enjoy a loss in boggle with my dearest greatest best sincerest acquaintance ever.

*Parental Advisory...THIS WAS NOT WRITTEN BY ME....ThankyourverymuchSimonaFried

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Keen on Paper Folding...

But I love, love love these pumps by Charlotte Olympia! I think the origami folded satin is genius; the sheer architecture of the shoe is impressive. I'm not huge on the clear plastic detailing, but the fact that there is an ankle strap sells me on them completely.
 (Photo Credit-Netaporter)
Island platform? Done. Sorry for the lack of posting, i just finished my senior year midterms. Regular posting to resume on Monday, I'm in a ski lodge and I've never skied before. Mildly dying...we'll see how that goes.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mild Fail

(Love Quotes scarf, Gap shirt, Ben Sherman blazer, Sam Edelman boots, Cole Haan bag) 
Did you know that restaurants close at 10? I didn't, hence the failing title which included walking around downtown New Haven in heels for half an hour before realizing that every restaurant was closed or a club. Anyways, Posting this week will be super scarce, its exam time and I'm already having legit anxiety about my Pre-calc exam tomorrow morning. I started this outfit with the pants I was already wearing, the top came into play and I then gave over fully to pattern mixing and wedges. All in a nights work. The upside to every restaurant being closed was the discovery that diners never close; nothing can brighten a bad night like a really good bacon egg and cheese. All for now, I really need to finish studying. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Toasty in the Back Seat

(F21 Shawl, Gap shirt, customized Social Collision jeans, Isabel Toledo boots, Calvin Klein bag)
I wore this the other night to grab Mexican food with a few friends. I am in love with this poncho; I bought it in August a few years ago at Forever 21. The Man Repeller  has the same one; I like it on her, but I do think I rock the plaid blanket look better...sorry Leandra. The chambray shirt and white jeans are for a laid back vibe, I also wanted to juxtapose the beaded bag. I would come up with a reason for the heels, but frankly, all outfits should really be worn with heels.
 Excuse the short post; I need to finish my application to my favorite school and I need to write an essay...and also read the book that the essay is on.
Wish me luck

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just a Little Off the Sides

(Vintage Piano shawl, Sovereign Code shirt, Gap Corduroys, Bebe belt, BCBG clutch, Vans sneakers)
I know, I know, seeing me in sneakers is a bit strange. I wore this outfit the other day to get my hair and run some errands. In a world of wedges, stilettos and platforms, sometimes you have to give in and throw on a pair of sneakers. I planned the outfit around this beautiful scarf, I don't wear it often because the fringe is super long, which can complicate everyday tasks, such as eating. That being said, I love the look and I appreciate it as being one of those pieces that wouldn't work in any color besides black. 
Have a good week! I cant believe Its that lovely exam time of year at school again. Wish me luck during review week!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wishing I Was Judy Aldridge

I saved these pictures a while back when Judy Aldridge of Atlantishome posted this outfit. The whole ensemble is complete perfection; not to mention that it would look amazing on me! I love the mixture of the disproportionally large sweater mixed with the elegance of fox. The Chloe ankle boots don't hurt either!
 (Photo Credit-Atlantishome)
Big ass Proenza Schouler clutch; Judy is one lucky woman. I have always been an avid reader of her blog, Atlantishome, but this one outfit put me over the edge. It is amazing on so many levels; it could very well end up being the inspiration for a thesis paper or final essay. Obsessed. All for now, I'm off to get my hair cut.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Leopard and the Fox

Christmas break is coming to a close. I wanted to post this outfit in between cleaning my room and trying my darnedest to finish the immense amounts of homework due way too soon. I wore this outfit the other day to be reunited with my beloved Simona over a much needed sushi lunch and to dye my friends hair black. I should really be a hairdresser, between the dye job and blowout I did, I could very well be a multi-professioned adult in the near future. 
(Oliver Perry sweater, French Connection polo, Gap jeans, Cynthia Vincent shoes, Kate Spade bag, Silver Fox tail)
I was super excited to wear these jeans for the first time. My dear Simona bought me these marbled blue leopard jeans for Hannukah. I love the print, and the color makes for a great twist on the every popular leopard jeans of the moment. I just got this sweater back from the cleaners, its amazing how much a sweater can stretch and become disfigured over the course of a season. Worn with one of the few polo shirts Ill wear; I've never been a big polo shirt person. This bag is my moms, she bought it a couple months ago, left it in my room, and essentially the statute of limitations has run out and at least for the time being, I've claimed it for myself.
This silver Fox was a gift from my friend Claire. She had it shipped from Alaska; I feel so lucky to have it! The length and heft is amazing, it makes my vintage maroon one look downright puny! All for now, I've got to memorize a French poem.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Litas For Big Boys

As much as I know that everyone is damn sick of talking about the Lita boots, I have a bit of news. While perusing Solestruck, I saw a brand that I didn't recognize; First by Jeffrey Campbell. The first few shoes were some normal, run-of-the-mill mens leather boots and then I saw these. JC has started making the Lita boots in mens sizes! As if these weren't already overdone, JC is now appealing to a new demographic. I guess I have a hard time liking the idea of "mens" Litas because my adorable feet fit perfectly into a womens size 10 or 41. Then i started thinking about those unfortunate other with large feet who cant wear womens shoes. But at that point, I feel like the already monstrous Lita shoe would look clownish and perhaps irresponsible in a size 11 mens. That being said, both the black distressed leather and multi colored glitter  are completly sold out on Solestruck. 
(Photo Credit-Solestruck)
I do love the glitter version, but if i get them, I will be buying the womens version. In conclusion, I give Jeffrey Campbell a lot of credit for being one of the first brands to being mens high heels to the mass market and an affordable price. On the other hand, I think if you are a man and your feet are larger than a womens 11, maybe high heels shouldn't be your first shoe choice. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

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