Thursday, November 22, 2012

Favorite Purse

I'm so happy to finally post these pictures, Brendon and I took these a few weeks ago when we went out with a few friends to some gallery openings. I am also super excited to finally share my "going to college" gift to myself which is the brown croc print Rebecca Minkoff bag I'm wearing in these pictures. I fell madly in love with the rich texture of the leather, the studded bottom, and the versatility to wear the bag as a crossbody, shoulder, or clutch bag.
(Gap leather jacket, vintage Andrew Marc fox collar, Saint James top, Social Collision jeans, Ecote boots, Rebecca Minkoff bag)
Beyond my adoration for my bag, I also would like to say how excited I am to share that I finally took the plunge and purchased a Saint James top. The quality and cut is fantastic; I love the thickness of the cotton and Its a piece that after owning one, I feel compelled to start a collection. I have been wearing it nonstop, only to be punctuated by getting it back from the dry cleaner. Sadly, because of many, many long nights our (especially the one pictured above) my beloved Ecote boots have taken quite a beating. I took them to my favorite shoe repair in Connecticut, and hopefully he can work some magic.
Hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving, or as I like to call it, the meal in which we all eat in order to fuel up for the madness of black Friday!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sorry Daddy..

But I couldn't resist the Maison Martin Margiela opening for H&M. It was so crazy to see the differences between this opening in Chicago versus the Versace opening in NYC. I went at 1 in the afternoon and everything was still there and they even did away with the buying restrictions! I was very, very impressed with the collection, but was a little turned off by the prices, knowing what I now know about the collaboration collections. I bypassed the pricier items that I loved but knew I could only wear once, like the leather belt or leather deconstructed jackets and oversized coats and settled on a few pieces I knew I would still buy even if they were MMM for H&M. I settled on two tops for myself and a top and leggings for my mom, pictures to follow! Have a good Sunday, I need to catch up on computer HW

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heels on a Bridge

(Michael Kors fur, Stevie Mac blazer, Banana Republic Merino wool turtleneck, Social Collision jeans, Steve Madden boots, Thinsulate gloves) 
Photo Credit-Brendon Brown
This shot was taken at millennium part last week for one of Brendon's photo projects. Essentially, the project was the concept of a rat (im not wearing the mask here) living his life around the city of Chicago in his (my) nicest clothes. I agreed to do the shoot with the promise of pictures for the blog without the mask! This was the first look; one of my favorite blazers, my beloved curly Mongolian lamb's fur vest, and the sickest heels Ive ever owned, which got repeatedly stuck in between the wood panels of the bridge.
 For a metallic ikat blazer, Ive worn this jacket a ton of times. Ive actually been wearing it non stop since I got it in July. I wore it out to dinner with my beloved boss Chris from The Dressing Room boutique in Wallingford Ct. We went to Kinzie steakhouse for an amazing dinner with her lovely husband after a very, very long day of buying for the store...and ourselves!  Paired again with black jeans, a Gap denim shirt, mens chain necklace that was a gift, my new Topshop sneaker wedges, and my beloved clutch from The Dressing Room that gets mistaken for a flask every time I wear it
This picture was taken at the end of parents weekend a few weeks ago. I wore the blazer (again) with black jeans and a black tee shirt to go to my favorite restaurant in the city, Bistronomic. I dream about their tuna tar tar! PS, the green patent leather tote in the background was a gift from my mom. Remember when I posted this black Cynthia Rowley beauty I bought for my mom? Well she got one for me in green and another in pink for herself...when they went on sale for sixty percent off. All for now, Im off to the Art Institute to start an art history paper.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Ankle Boots to End All Ankle Boots

(Photo Credit- Brendon Brown (taken with a DSLR on automatic and edited on pic-star)
Ive been searching high and low for the perfect black suede ankle boots for a long, long time. Up until now, I had only seen this type of pure simplicity from the likes of Prada, Zanotti, and Givenchy. Then one day, while walking back to my dorm from an extremely arduous day of classes, i decided to stop in at Steve Madden, which by the way is about 100 feet from my dorm. My eyes fell upon these beauties. i was immediately drawn to the towering heel, inky suede, and almond toe. I tried them on and almost cried; I was out of money! Long story short they're mine now, and when i texted this picture to my mom where she then asked if they were mine and I replied, "Yes, all six and a half inches!" I wore these to my corsetry class on Tuesday, and I will say that the walk from my dorm to class was twice as long, and I had to take super small steps. After about an hour I got used to them and they were not too uncomfortable, that is to say for a six and a half inch heel. I kept them on from 8-430, with only the last thirty minutes in sheer agony. Long story short, I am in love with them, they're not too uncomfortable, and I don't think that they're "wear to class heels"...that is to say without having flats as a backup! All for now, I should really start my English essay on Freud.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


 (Borrowed Urban Outfitters scarf, Charlotte Russe blazer, Forever 21 skirt, and vintage bag)
Thats right, its been like a month. Between classes and trying to hibernate as much as possible in my loft bed, blogging time has seemed to escape me. Anyways, I wanted to share my Halloween costumes from this past weekend. On Friday, I went out dressed as a Jewish American Princess. Thats not to say that I don't act as one in my everyday life, frankly, Ive been one since my first day of Hebrew school. Big Thanks to my friend Allison for letting my raid her closet which I then paired with a gap top, Ralph Lauren necklace, and Jeffrey Campbell boots. I must say that I make a gorgeous woman; a really really good wig doesn't hurt thought.
(Ben Sherman sweater, Buffalo shirt, Silk bowtie from Century 21, Sanctuary trousers, borrowed suspenders, Aldo brogues)
 Being that my Jewish American Princess costumes took a couple of hours to get into, I realized quickly that I needed a simpler costume to wear to my other two Halloween engagements. Being that Ive been a "four eyes" for a grand portion of my life, I though what better costume than a geek? I now realize that my finger is somewhat covering it, but I am still super proud of my masking take covered glasses. On a side note, when not rolled up, these trousers by Sanctuary are unbelievable; the fit is super flattering and besides my forever favorite Social Collision jeans, these are my current favorite pants. All for now, Ill try to not be gone for a month again.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Art School HW

Ive been pretty damn busy. I never knew how much work art school would be, that aside, I wanted to post a few outfits from the past couple of weeks. I have been getting a ton of wear out of my Ecote lace up boots. Theyre great for wearing to class or going out; theyre so comfortable that I can wear them for upwards of 8 or 9 hours. Worn above with a Calvin Klein top, Gap corduorys, French Connection wooden box clutch, and a Stussy snapback to go on a late-night snack run. This hat has been a god-sent for the (many) times I cant deal with my hair.
Dressed up to go to the live Rocky Horror Picture Show. This was the day I cut my hair, I went to Floyd's barbershop and Joshua gave me a 1940's business man-esque cut. He styled it with Layrite pomade; Ive done it a few times but reverted to wearing the top curly. I also dyed my hair brown! My roots came in super quickly and frankly, I didnt have time to go out in search of a colorist. I havent touched a flat iron in about a month! Wearing a gap top, womens exercise shorts tights and leg warmers from Target, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Streets Legal leather jacket and various cuffs and vintage necklaces. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


(Custo Barcelona coat, French Connection top, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots)
This is what I wore to go out to Fashion's Night Out here in Chicago. I picked this coat up one day this summer when my mom and I were aimlessly walking around SoHo. I instantly fell for the painted woman on the front of the coat; she stared at me and essentially said "buy me." Who am I to argue with a coat? Paired with my skinniest black pants and my favorite FC top. I loved the look of the collar draped over the top of the coat.
Photo Cred, Brendon Brown
(Rush by Denis and Charles bracelet, clutch purchased at The Dressing Room, Michael Kors watch)
Ive gotten a lot of wear out of my new clutch; its super tiny, but perfect for toting around chapstick, a credit card, and an ID. I would highly recommend it, it has the look of Calvin Klein collection at a fraction of the price! My grandma bought me this watch as a going away gift for college. Ive never worn a watch before but I am in love with it, especially the grey metal goes with everything! Have a great week, I'm off to do my computer class homework!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Old Lady's Bathroom

Coming to you from Chicago...Via my backyard. This lovely set of pictures was taken on my last Fat Girl night before leaving for college
(French Connection "Bucket Floral" shirt, Forever 21 spike necklace, Pour La Victoire heels, clutch from The Dressing Room)
 I was so excited to wear this shirt! I have loved it ever since I helped merchendise it last summer. I love the old lady wallpaper feel of the print and the shirt; it was literally the first thing i packed for college. I cant wait to pair it with my heavy leather jackets and thick grey knits
Happy almost Monday....I really need to start my homework!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Fifteen Days.....

Anyways, Ive finally settled into my dorm room at SAIC! So happy to have my stuff unpacked and in my closets. These pictures were taken at the last big dinner gathering with my friends before we all parted ways for college.
(DKNY jacket,VersacexH&M top, Seven jeans, Mossimo belt, Pelle Moda boots, Kate Spade bag)
Before heading off to school, I went pants shopping and was very, very pleased to be buying size 12 trousers, a great improvement over the size 16's I was buying this time last year. I thought why not go with a green theme and before I knew it I looked just like Poison Ivy. This bag is actually one of the few "nice" bags I brought with me to college. It was very sad saying goodbye to a lot of my purses.
In case you were wondering, there are no spirits in this picture, its just summer's hair

Sunday, August 19, 2012


(French Connection top, Gap leather jacket, Social Collision jeans, Vintage bag and fox tail, Sam Edelman boots)
Spotted one day, pillaging through French Connections sale items on their website was the holy grail of black tops. I fell hard for this simple black jersey tee shirt with attached scarf/hood situation. Ordered the same day, I was heartbroken to find out I couldn't obtain it in another (palatable) color. I love the asymmetry and versatility of this top; I've been wearing it nonstop without any intention of stopping. I paired it with my new leather jacket that I bought on sale because of the stunningly different color; in real life its like a nude/light pink. I cant wait to wear this jacket with chunky knit sweater vests on top this Fall! Paired with tough heeled boots and a durable bag, this outfit worked perfectly for my weekend trip to Maine!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best it Gets

How stunning is my friend Summer? Not only is she one of my best friends ever, she is also my partner in crime for Fat girl Night, or my post Weight Watchers weigh in weekly dinner. With Summer sits the necessities for a fashion lover's night out; car keys ( a car), Blackberry (not ready to get on the Iphone train), and a vintage purse that says, "I know my shit."
After dinner at Chile's with an obtrusive and overly nosy waitress, we finished the night off with cheesecake and milkshakes at the diner. I wish I could say I made more than a dent in my strawberry cheesecake, but damn, I'm not used to full fat food anymore!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Eleven days....

Need to post more. Anyways...I have a surprise
I accidentally bought a shirt with a guy smoking...weed? I got it at a sample sale and was so enamored with the concept of an on sale (and sample size) Custo top that I didn't realize what was on the front. Still love it
(Le Chateau sweater, Custo Barcelona top, Pelle Moda boots, Brahmin bag, Silver fox tail)
I wore my awesome smoking shirt to work the other day and then threw on heels for Fat girl night. I also added my new favorite sweater that I bought at Le Chateau in Quebec a few weeks back. I love the heavy ribbing and shawl collar; I know ill wear it to death this year!
Finally somewhat breaking in these heels although they still hurt like hell
As much as I hate motorcycles when I'm driving next to them, I love posing with them!


Friday, August 3, 2012


(French Connection shirt, M Haskell necklace, Paradox Leathers bag, Castro shoes, Rush by Denis and Charles bracelet)
I know, its been like a legit week. In my defense, I haven't been on a vacation in years, so I wanted to take a few small trips this summer. I just got back from New York, and I was in Quebec and Montreal this past weekend. I love Montreal, the city is beautiful, and the gay clubs and fantastic! I also loved being in Quebec and being able to use my six years of french classes. I wore this outfit to go to dinner at Cafe Du Monde. The shirt was a gift from my boss last summer; I almost never remember that I own it, but I love getting it out, the subdued print is absolutely adorable. I bought my shoes when I was in Israel. I need to post better pictures, they are stunning. I love the juxtaposition between the classic wingtip oxford and the wooden soles and heels. Have a great weekend, I need to get up early for work!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Favorites!

Ive definitely done some amazing shopping this summer, I went out for dinner the other week and wore all of my favorite pieces at once!
(BCBG blazer and sequined bag, Gap top, Ralph Lauren Necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots)
 I am so in love with this blazer. I feel so skinny in it, and every time I put it on, I am thrilled that it fits. Wore with old jeans, a new favorite tee shirt ( bought in two colors) and the sickest bag ever. I have so much fun with this bag because it is a super easy way to incorporate sequins into daily wear; I am trying to not wear it too much with the fear that the sequins may start coming off. These boots are so comfortable, I know I am going to wear them into the ground!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oldie but Goodie

I always love pulling out my Hermes Kelly for a day or two; its one of those pieces that I love wearing so much, but try to too often in the name of fashion preservation. I still cant believe I own this bag
(French Connection shirt, Hermes bag, Pour la Victoire boots, Social Collision jeans, Antique necklace)
When I had my Bar Mitzvah over five years ago, I had two {or more} requests for my parents, which included a purple Tallis, or prayer shawl, and a huge gold Jewish star necklace. I got the tallis, but not the gangster-rapper necklace....until this past spring when I was in Israel and stumbled upon this gen in an antique shop. Its totally absurd and I love it. Paired with my most oddly colored shirt and boots from seasons ago. All for now, I need to pack for a quick trip to Canada!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby's First Time Out!

What I wore the other week to take my friend out to dinner for her birthday; I was totally pumped to take my Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots out for a spin!
(Versace x H&M top, vintage silk bowtie, Perry Ellis belt, Regina Bag, Rush my Denis and Charles bracelet, Jeffrey Campbell boots)
  I went to work in this with flat boots and changed into heels when we went to dinner. I love the graphic simplicity of the all black and white palate. I was petrified to send this shirt to the dry cleaner because of the metal tips on the collar; thankfully it came back the other day in perfect condition. I was thrilled to pull out my Regina leather tote for this outfit. It was one of my first handbag splurges and it just shows that if you invest in good pieces they will last forever. I think this will definitely be one of the purses coming to school with me. All for now, its time for watermelon and Family Guy

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Need to State the Obvious

Ok, lets just say it; I bought the Jeffrey Campbell knockoff of the Chloe "Doc Martins" from seasons back. I would also like to say, perhaps in vain, that the designer inspiration was not in fact the reason I purchased them.  A few weeks back, I put in a massive order to Urban outfitters which included my new favorite Adidas Samba sneakers, the caramel leather boots with wooden platforms (to the right of the Jeffrey Campbells), and the Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots....but in floral satin. I don't know what ever possessed me, but when I unwrapped them I knew I had made a mistake. I also ordered the Night Lita boot.
I loved these boots so much, but sadly, they are only available in distressed leather, and frankly, I couldn't justify spending full price for a pair of shoes that look already worn. This is what brings me back to the Tardy boot. When I looked past the heinous floral satin, I fell in love with the sturdy wedge and platform. I returned the majority of my order and immediately placed a new order for the Tardy boots in black leather. Ive already worn them twice and I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Celebration is in Order!

(BCBG jacket, Gap top, gifted vintage neck cuff, Kate Spade bag, French Connection patent brogues)
Lets start off by addressing the title of this post; I can finally, after years of intense desire, fit into BCBG clothes! Slipping into this black blazer at the BCBG store was like being in a dream; I never thought Id get to wear their clothes! I am getting so close to the Weight Watchers 25 pound goal...hopefully next week.
I kept the rest of the outfit super simple and monochromatic; I did actually like wearing watching shoes and handbags. Its fun to visit such an old and antiquated rule. This picture was taken right before I sat down and unbuttoned my pants to the tune of all you can eat sushi; go figure! Have a great week, I think I'm going to wear this blazer again tomorrow

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Avoiding Pizza

(Gap Denim shirt, Tripp NYC jeans, Sam Edelman boots, BCBG sequined purse)
 Not too much time for a post now, but I found this picture among the rest of my graduation albums and thought, what the hell. Essentially this outfit was from the week in my life where I wore really, really boring outfits to enhance the enjoyment I was getting from wearing my amazing BCBG purse. Speaking of that bag, I should really switch back to it! UM..yeah thats about it, have a good week!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Striped Top; Night

(H&M striped top, sequin infinity scarf from HotTopic, Social Collision jeans, Pour la Victoire boots, Denis and Charles silver bracelet, Paradox leather bag) 
I wore this last week to get a casual dinner with a friend. Being that I lived in this top last week, I was already wearing it. I swapped shorts for jeans, and completed the obligatory front tuck. I shoved my necessities into this adorable tiny purse, and threw on blue heels in the vain attempt to look more interesting than someone at the next table wearing black heels. More importantly, I need to remember to wear these heels during the day so that the blue snakeskin is more openly visible. The sequin infinity scarf was found under my bed from freshman year of high school. It is yet again one of those pieces that would look horrendous in any color besides black; I felt like such a rebel wearing black with such a navy-driven outfit. Worn with yet another Rush my Charles and Denis bracelet and my go to Kenneth Cole belt. All for now, I'm off to a party!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Striped Top; Day

(H&M top, Versace x H&M silk scarf, Gap pants, Lucky Brand shoes, Cynthia Rowley bag)
I have been LIVING in this top for the past week. I had bought multiples of it in different colors; but with my pre-weight watchers shape, I couldn't really rock these tops. I really love this green and navy colorway; it is unbelievably versatile. I wore this outfit to go outlet shopping with some friends over the weekend.
 So on to the bag. I bought it for myself during my graduation fueled handbag frenzy. I brought it home, my mom loved it, and as a gift of appreciation for my party I bought it for her in pink. Long story short, she took mine and i jacked it back for the week. It is such an awesome bag. All for now, I need to go to bed; I am exhausted from giving blood today!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Guy Tour

So when I was in RI, I decided that my stay wouldn't be complete without a few stops at some famous Family Guy destinations. Above is me at the United Skates of America
On Spooner street!
Last but not least, the Giant Chicken! Have a great week and I promise Ill wear a different outfit in my next post

Friday, July 6, 2012


(Hawkins McGill vest, Gap top, Ecote boots, Denis and Charles bracelet, vintage and gifted necklaces, Michael Kors bag)
I wore this last weekend when touring around Pawtucket and Providence with a few friends. I bought multiples of this shirt; it is the perfect basic to wear under vests and blazers. I paired it with my favorite vest from freshman year, the tightest jeans I own and the comfiest booties ever! I cant brag enough about these boots I am considering getting a backup pair. This bag has been the best impulse buy ever; I am so psyched to own it and the quality of the leather is unbelievable. Remember when I got my first Denis and Charles bracelet? Ive since acquired the luggage one I'm wearing in the above picture and one in silver with gold hardware. I picked them up at the Dressing Room Boutique in Wallingford ct. They are my new obsession! All for now, I need to wake up early for work

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chillin in my Driveway

Happy fourth of July! I'm still practicing my running poses

(Marc Jacobs shirt, M. Haskell necklace, Charles david clutch, Ecote boots)
I wore this out lat night to get Mexican food with some friends. I let myself eat whatever I want on Tuesday nights after weight watchers. I really, really love fat girl Tuesdays. Notice anything different? Down 22 pounds; suck on that. Anyways, back to the outfit. I bought this top at the Marc Jacobs store in Province town when I was staying at a friends house. I was getting dressed last night, realized that I was wearing the same outfit that I had worn a few days before. I had actually forgotten about this shirt and was SO excited when I found it! I paired it with a feather collar that I got as a graduation present and my new favorite heels. I wore these all weekend and they are unbelievably comfortable; prepare to see these a lot in the future.
Kisses! Now go have a hotdog