Monday, December 5, 2011

Somewhat Counter-Productive

 Just a quick post in between human sexuality and french homework. I stumbled upon these Giuseppe Zanotti pumps on Net a Porter tonight. Ive seen them a few times before, but I always wait to decide if I like something, because i prefer to see it on Net a Porter. I love these shoes so much. I think the mix of lizard embossed leather and fishnet is genius. Plus, I am partial to any shoe with an ankle strap. I got to thinking about how to winterize these shoes, and I realized that the clear solution is grey cashmere. Being that nude pumps are supposed to look invisible, the immense amounts of grey sort of throws a monkey wrench into the equation.
Start with dark denim, then move on to the socks. The ivory leather is clearly calling for the yummy aspect of the grey cashmere. As you all know by now, I think socks and pumps is a stellar look, extra points for a peep toe with leg wear.  
{Photo Credit-Netaporter, Black, Prince Inspector)
The prefect finishing touch would be this Ralph Lauren Cashmere cardigan. Some pearls would be nice too...and red hair (getting re-done on Thursday...jealous). This look is the perfect mixed message outfit, perfect for all elements of life including but not limited to frolicking through autumnal foliage, grocery shopping, and giving PowerPoint presentations and such.

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