Monday, December 26, 2011

Quite Regal in Fact

So excited to post this! I recently shot a few of my newer pieces for some college applications. I didn't get any good pictures of this outfit last spring, so my friend Simona was gracious to put on seven inch heels, run through active traffic, and waddle around in dresses full of pins. Until my applications are finished, this is the only piece I can show; Simona is wearing a Fringe by Jacob Z Shanbrom ruched one shoulder pink chiffon blouse with gold ballroom skirt. This look was inspired by older women. A strange inspiration, but I have always been obsessed by the general concept of a mens white button down with an exuberant evening skirt. I wanted to do a skirt with tons of volume, so I cut the skirt with large triangular panels. To avoid any bulk over the "Problem" area, I sewed the front panel flat and pleated the back two. This way, the skirt has a super flattering shape, but retains the extravagant glamour and fullness the evening skirts should always have. The blouse was draped and smocked by hand over a stack of shoulder pads to create a dominant and strong one sided blouse. I actually created the pieces separately, the top was initially a dress, but when I was the two together, I scrapped both ideas and put them together. They were essentially inadvertently made for each other. Isn't this picture to die for? We shot four looks this day, and when the pictures were uploaded, a heavy sigh came out. I had no idea how I was going to narrow them down. The other three looks were a pain, but this look could not have been personified in a better picture; it was a no brainier.  

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