Saturday, December 31, 2011

Print on Print; The Monochrome of 2012

Happy almost New Year! I'm typing this post before I return to the dungeon that is my sewing room. I have been on a perpetual sewing binge for the past week and a half. Ive made some good shit, I'm excited to share it as soon as my college portfolios are finished; knowing me, ill last about ten days. 
 (French Connection denim jacket, Versace for H&M shirt and silk scarf, Target cargo pants, Urban Outfitters boots, vintage Roni Berg suede bag)
I wore this yesterday to grab lunch and go to the tailor with Summer. We frequent Whitneyville market for what we've coined as the "Wednesday Special" sandwich which includes a baguette, chicken cutlet, cheddar cheese, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar. So good, its the infinitely perfect sandwich. Anyways, Ive been wearing this scarf nonstop, I think this alligator and palm tree print is fantastic. It was only a matter of time before both printed pieces came together in one outfit. I cant wait to get a picture with me in the shirt, mom in the skirt, and my dad in the scarf. No one is aware of this, but that could very well be our first holiday card. Plans are currently in the works.
 Can you tell I took two weeks of ballet when I was eight? I thought it necessary to put my training to the test; what place better than a parking lot? All for now, my new years eve will include Chinese food, brownies I made last night, and yards and yard of chiffon.
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