Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life's Necessities: Hairspray, Feathers, and Magic

(Gap jacket, French Connection shirt, H&M pin, Brahmin bag, Bass boots)
This is the second installment of my weekend outfit. Going out outfits can be difficult, especially when "going out" can mean a myriad of different things. I chose to bring out my favorite Gap jacket, sans shoulder pads. Every time I wear it I get reminded of countless collections by Phillip Lim. This is one of those pieces that looks infinitely more expensive than it was. The shirt was for color, I wanted to wear it without any neck adornments; Ive missed showing off the pink facing/ nothing says party like a half tuck. Its design details like this that make pieces that much more exciting. Sadly, this is probably the most exciting that menswear gets. This is my perpetual beef with menswear, its so binding. Its a bit sad when lining is the most riveting part of an outfit. I threw on the pin as an afterthought, being one of the many random accessories I always have shoved into my purse and glove compartment. I uncuffed the boots and put my wallet, chapstick, and business cards into my favorite purse and TAH DAH! There you have it, the perfect day to night outfit perfect for long car rides to chicken wings and dancing. All for now, I desperately need to write my term paper and unfortunately English teachers don't consider fashion blogging a form of grade-able work.

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