Monday, December 19, 2011

Leopard Obviously

(Image Credit-Netaporter)
I really didn't want to like them. However hard I tried, these Current/Elliot jeans have been haunting my dreams, and I feel safe saying that I'm not the only one who is now unhealthily obsessed with the prospect of leopard jeans. I love these so much, the grey colorway is perfection, and the super skinny fit is to die for. After searching high and low for leopard skinnies I found myself in a deserted Gap, grunting in the fitting room. Amongst a myriad of different animal prints, I found my denim savior. I left with a pair of indigo marbled leopard skinnies (thank you Simona) that any fashion obsessed, leopard freak would die for. I'm still working on the perfect ensemble, photos to follow! On the other side of the spectrum, I am not the only one obsessed with the idea of finding a leopard blazer. Brad Goreski's commercial for Its a Brad Brad world, inspired me to let put my inner freak and find a leopard jacket. I'm pretty sure that a men's jacket is out of the question, most super high fashion men's items don't hit stores like H&M or Zara until well after they hit their peak in popularity. As per normal, I am once again reduced to pillaging the women's section and hoping for the perfect fit. All for now, I have to write my last paper before xmas break!

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