Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bad Boys of Fashion

This is just a quick post I took from an article I wrote for my schools paper the Advent. I was prompted to write about the "Bad Boys" of fashion

 Everyone loves bad boys. It’s a known fact and anyone who tries to argue the opposite, you could but I wouldn’t listen.  Just think,  Twilight, Gilmore Girls, any  more relating at all to teens, the list goes on and on. At the request of Senior Osborne, I decided to take a look at fashions notorious bad boys, there highest and lowest moments typed out in black and white…with just a bit of sass and sarcasm.
                To start off, a personal favorite; John Galliano. I remember being in sixth grade when I saw my first Dior Haute couture fashion show on YouTube. Never before in my life had I been so awestruck and amazed. I would sit and re-watch every show that I could find until I was able to list off the order of models before they stepped foot on the runway. An old friend who lives in Paris once gave me a Dior catalogue from the store in France. I remember it coming to me wrapped perfectly in tissue, I sat and carefully opened it up to reveal one of the best Spring couture look books that was ever created. The back page shined with a model adorned in seven inch woven ankle boots in Fuscia and a Python trench coat. Ever since, I have been obsessed with his work, not so much that done under his own line, John Galliano, but everything he did for Dior. Every collection was better than the rest and every season he would make one unbelievable shoe in a myriad of colors that I would dream about for months.  John Galliano re-created Dior into something I don’t believe Monsieur Dior himself could have imagined. After years and countless seasons of dreaming and obsessing over the unreal work that Galliano created, you can only imagine my horror when I heard of his anti-sematic dirtied mouth.
                Yes I know, everyone was upset, but no one more than I. I looked up this man, I idolized him, and I wanted to be him. When a personal hero does something so horrendous, there is a level of disbelief that undoubtedly ensues. It seemed as if my fashion dream world was crashing in on itself; the worst part being that no one understood just how I felt. I refused to believe it until I saw the footage for myself; I fought to not actually cry.
                That being said, Dior obviously lives on. For a while I tried to not care about Galliano’s remarks, he was drunk and frankly, if someone filed everything I said, I would be in deep shit. I was ready to write the whole thing off until I heard his comments about the holocaust and Hitler. After that, I decided that what the house of Dior did was right. Galliano needed to go. All in all, I believe he deserves a second chance. Think of all of the celebrities and athletes who have done similar things. Tiger wood royally screwed up, but there he is, endorsements and all still playing golf. Dior will never be the same, all I can say is that I hope it will be better than before (although I don’t think it can)
                Ah, Marc Jacobs, one of the most visionary designers of our generation. With multiple lines including but not limited to, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jacobs for Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Marc by Marc Jacobs, Stinky Rat, and Louis Vuitton, he really knows his stuff and that is a secret to no one.  With the strain of designing as many collections as the Duggars have children, Jacobs had a very hard time taking care of himself. Physically ill and overweight, Jacobs decided to start working out and eating right. After some time lurking in the fashion underworld, Jacobs emerged. With a hot cropped haircut, muscles for days, and calves so stunningly toned that he could only bear wearing kilts…I had no problem with this.
                It took little time for Jacobs to pick himself up a new man. With an appearance like his, it was only a matter of time before a hot boy latched on and held for dear life.  In comes Lorenzo Martone. I remember the day when I saw the first extremely public picture of them, a smiling photo at a Louis Vuitton show, with Lorenzo wearing a pink graffiti Louis Vuitton shirt designed by no other than his beau Marc Jacobs. Did I mention that they were holding a baby? That’s a pretty important element to this story. Anyway, the world soon knew about them being fianc├ęs, and it lit up like wildfire. This all occurred when gay marriage was becoming legal, and the thought of this stunning couple leading the way was exciting to all. Sadly, they broke up and Martone began dating Lance Bass…go figure
                Last, but certainly not least, is Alexander McQueen, RIP.  Always the bad boy of fashion, his creations had the ability to transport the wearer and onlooker to another world, one of fantasy, beauty, and extravagance. Without getting too emotional, his passing is one that saddened the world. He will be missed, but the memory of his genius will carry on for generations to come.

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