Sunday, December 4, 2011

Avoiding a Bag Lady Situation

(French Connection sweater, F21 tee shirt, Calvin Klein bag, Bass boots)
I am a very good packer. That is, I'm great at packing for two or three days, any more than that I get anxiety and end up packing like one pair of pants, thirty pairs of shoes, and a fur coat. I went on a quick trip to Wesleyan University to visit a friend and I devised the perfect packing plan. This is my traveling outfit, I'll post the going out outfit soon! The thought behind this look was the overall slimming and flattering effect of all black, which lends itself to having really good basics at my disposal, I also wanted a blank canvas to show off the cuffed boots, I am so in love with the plaid flannel lining. I love this bag for traveling, as much as I hate PVC bags, the pleating detail and chain straps make it OK for schlepping toiletries and underwear. All for now, I'll be doing homework until tomorrow morning.

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