Saturday, December 31, 2011

Print on Print; The Monochrome of 2012

Happy almost New Year! I'm typing this post before I return to the dungeon that is my sewing room. I have been on a perpetual sewing binge for the past week and a half. Ive made some good shit, I'm excited to share it as soon as my college portfolios are finished; knowing me, ill last about ten days. 
 (French Connection denim jacket, Versace for H&M shirt and silk scarf, Target cargo pants, Urban Outfitters boots, vintage Roni Berg suede bag)
I wore this yesterday to grab lunch and go to the tailor with Summer. We frequent Whitneyville market for what we've coined as the "Wednesday Special" sandwich which includes a baguette, chicken cutlet, cheddar cheese, prosciutto, and balsamic vinegar. So good, its the infinitely perfect sandwich. Anyways, Ive been wearing this scarf nonstop, I think this alligator and palm tree print is fantastic. It was only a matter of time before both printed pieces came together in one outfit. I cant wait to get a picture with me in the shirt, mom in the skirt, and my dad in the scarf. No one is aware of this, but that could very well be our first holiday card. Plans are currently in the works.
 Can you tell I took two weeks of ballet when I was eight? I thought it necessary to put my training to the test; what place better than a parking lot? All for now, my new years eve will include Chinese food, brownies I made last night, and yards and yard of chiffon.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stark White

(Michael Kors leather bomber, Versace for H&M shirt, Frye studded boots, Hermes Kelly)
Today, Patricia and I decided to head into the city to take advantage of after Christmas sales. Believe it or not, I didn't buy a thing. Ive been shopping quite a bit recently, and Ive just didn't see anything that was nearly as nice as what Ive bought in the last month or so. I had to clean out my car so that it could go to the body shop. I haven't worn my studded Frye boots in forever, and it was nice to pull them out again. 
I know this shirt has been publicised to death, but I am in love with it. When I went to shop the collection, this was the one piece that I refused to live without. The print is awesome, the white is unbelievably stark. The cotton has a bit of stretch, which is great, but undoubtedly, the best part is the accent on the collar. I really appreciate the planning that went into a detail like this; its always really amazing when high end details like collar tips are brought down and applied to a lower price point. 
(Photo Credit-Village Voice)
Whilst thumbing through the sale rack at Loehmanns, I saw a familiar face. I am a huge fan of Hedda Lettuce, and I realized that I was standing a few feet away from Hedda! Except he was out of drag and so sweet. We chatted for a few minutes, definitely one of the nicest person I've met in a long time!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Quite Regal in Fact

So excited to post this! I recently shot a few of my newer pieces for some college applications. I didn't get any good pictures of this outfit last spring, so my friend Simona was gracious to put on seven inch heels, run through active traffic, and waddle around in dresses full of pins. Until my applications are finished, this is the only piece I can show; Simona is wearing a Fringe by Jacob Z Shanbrom ruched one shoulder pink chiffon blouse with gold ballroom skirt. This look was inspired by older women. A strange inspiration, but I have always been obsessed by the general concept of a mens white button down with an exuberant evening skirt. I wanted to do a skirt with tons of volume, so I cut the skirt with large triangular panels. To avoid any bulk over the "Problem" area, I sewed the front panel flat and pleated the back two. This way, the skirt has a super flattering shape, but retains the extravagant glamour and fullness the evening skirts should always have. The blouse was draped and smocked by hand over a stack of shoulder pads to create a dominant and strong one sided blouse. I actually created the pieces separately, the top was initially a dress, but when I was the two together, I scrapped both ideas and put them together. They were essentially inadvertently made for each other. Isn't this picture to die for? We shot four looks this day, and when the pictures were uploaded, a heavy sigh came out. I had no idea how I was going to narrow them down. The other three looks were a pain, but this look could not have been personified in a better picture; it was a no brainier.  

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bad Boys of Fashion

This is just a quick post I took from an article I wrote for my schools paper the Advent. I was prompted to write about the "Bad Boys" of fashion

 Everyone loves bad boys. It’s a known fact and anyone who tries to argue the opposite, you could but I wouldn’t listen.  Just think,  Twilight, Gilmore Girls, any  more relating at all to teens, the list goes on and on. At the request of Senior Osborne, I decided to take a look at fashions notorious bad boys, there highest and lowest moments typed out in black and white…with just a bit of sass and sarcasm.
                To start off, a personal favorite; John Galliano. I remember being in sixth grade when I saw my first Dior Haute couture fashion show on YouTube. Never before in my life had I been so awestruck and amazed. I would sit and re-watch every show that I could find until I was able to list off the order of models before they stepped foot on the runway. An old friend who lives in Paris once gave me a Dior catalogue from the store in France. I remember it coming to me wrapped perfectly in tissue, I sat and carefully opened it up to reveal one of the best Spring couture look books that was ever created. The back page shined with a model adorned in seven inch woven ankle boots in Fuscia and a Python trench coat. Ever since, I have been obsessed with his work, not so much that done under his own line, John Galliano, but everything he did for Dior. Every collection was better than the rest and every season he would make one unbelievable shoe in a myriad of colors that I would dream about for months.  John Galliano re-created Dior into something I don’t believe Monsieur Dior himself could have imagined. After years and countless seasons of dreaming and obsessing over the unreal work that Galliano created, you can only imagine my horror when I heard of his anti-sematic dirtied mouth.
                Yes I know, everyone was upset, but no one more than I. I looked up this man, I idolized him, and I wanted to be him. When a personal hero does something so horrendous, there is a level of disbelief that undoubtedly ensues. It seemed as if my fashion dream world was crashing in on itself; the worst part being that no one understood just how I felt. I refused to believe it until I saw the footage for myself; I fought to not actually cry.
                That being said, Dior obviously lives on. For a while I tried to not care about Galliano’s remarks, he was drunk and frankly, if someone filed everything I said, I would be in deep shit. I was ready to write the whole thing off until I heard his comments about the holocaust and Hitler. After that, I decided that what the house of Dior did was right. Galliano needed to go. All in all, I believe he deserves a second chance. Think of all of the celebrities and athletes who have done similar things. Tiger wood royally screwed up, but there he is, endorsements and all still playing golf. Dior will never be the same, all I can say is that I hope it will be better than before (although I don’t think it can)
                Ah, Marc Jacobs, one of the most visionary designers of our generation. With multiple lines including but not limited to, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jacobs for Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Marc by Marc Jacobs, Stinky Rat, and Louis Vuitton, he really knows his stuff and that is a secret to no one.  With the strain of designing as many collections as the Duggars have children, Jacobs had a very hard time taking care of himself. Physically ill and overweight, Jacobs decided to start working out and eating right. After some time lurking in the fashion underworld, Jacobs emerged. With a hot cropped haircut, muscles for days, and calves so stunningly toned that he could only bear wearing kilts…I had no problem with this.
                It took little time for Jacobs to pick himself up a new man. With an appearance like his, it was only a matter of time before a hot boy latched on and held for dear life.  In comes Lorenzo Martone. I remember the day when I saw the first extremely public picture of them, a smiling photo at a Louis Vuitton show, with Lorenzo wearing a pink graffiti Louis Vuitton shirt designed by no other than his beau Marc Jacobs. Did I mention that they were holding a baby? That’s a pretty important element to this story. Anyway, the world soon knew about them being fianc├ęs, and it lit up like wildfire. This all occurred when gay marriage was becoming legal, and the thought of this stunning couple leading the way was exciting to all. Sadly, they broke up and Martone began dating Lance Bass…go figure
                Last, but certainly not least, is Alexander McQueen, RIP.  Always the bad boy of fashion, his creations had the ability to transport the wearer and onlooker to another world, one of fantasy, beauty, and extravagance. Without getting too emotional, his passing is one that saddened the world. He will be missed, but the memory of his genius will carry on for generations to come.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Chloe Knocking off Jessica Simpson?

While perusing Netaporter, which I do on a daily basis, I stumbled upon these sandals by See by Chloe. I thought, "These are cute, but Ive seen these before". It then hit me...
Those cute new three hundred and fifty dollar sandals look almost identical to these Jessica Simpson "Dany" platforms from a few seasons ago. Ive always liked these shoes, in fact, I was about to bid on a pair on ebay in purple velvet until my friends got me the Lita boots which essentially have the same profile and heel. I thought it strange that the tables have been turned. Typically, you would expect to see Jessica Simpson copy a Chloe shoe, but this time, the opposite has this a sign of the Apocalypse?!?!? The funny thing is that I prefer the Jessica Simpson version of the style; I will always go for a higher heel. 
(Photo Credit-Netaporter,
On a completely unrelated note, how much would you love to have this suede trench by Ralph Lauren Collection hanging in your closet? To die for!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two Days in a Row

(Missoni cardigan, F21 tee shirt, Gap corduroy trousers, vintage Andrew Marc Fox fur collar,  Pour la Victoire boots)
I wore this out the other night to grab Mexican food with a few friends. Gap had a great sale, making it the perfect time to get these beautiful cranberry corduroy skinnies that I have been obsessing over since September. The color is exquisite, ill have to re shoot some detail shots, they're to die for! The rest of the outfit is super casual and comfortable, my yummy Missoni cardigan, one of my many ambiguously printed black tee shirts, and some favorite heels. I threw on the fur for an added touch of glamour, and really, when does an outfit not get better from a bit a fur? The correct answerer would be never. I cant to wear these pants again! They're amazing and I think they may have started a corduroy obsession. I actually ended up wearing this outfit two days in a row. Ive been cleaning my closet, and I have so many great things that I end up wearing the same thing over and over because I cant decide what to wear. All for now, I'm going to go finish my closet and then I'm going out dancing!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Leopard Obviously

(Image Credit-Netaporter)
I really didn't want to like them. However hard I tried, these Current/Elliot jeans have been haunting my dreams, and I feel safe saying that I'm not the only one who is now unhealthily obsessed with the prospect of leopard jeans. I love these so much, the grey colorway is perfection, and the super skinny fit is to die for. After searching high and low for leopard skinnies I found myself in a deserted Gap, grunting in the fitting room. Amongst a myriad of different animal prints, I found my denim savior. I left with a pair of indigo marbled leopard skinnies (thank you Simona) that any fashion obsessed, leopard freak would die for. I'm still working on the perfect ensemble, photos to follow! On the other side of the spectrum, I am not the only one obsessed with the idea of finding a leopard blazer. Brad Goreski's commercial for Its a Brad Brad world, inspired me to let put my inner freak and find a leopard jacket. I'm pretty sure that a men's jacket is out of the question, most super high fashion men's items don't hit stores like H&M or Zara until well after they hit their peak in popularity. As per normal, I am once again reduced to pillaging the women's section and hoping for the perfect fit. All for now, I have to write my last paper before xmas break!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Galleries and Such

On Thursday, I went on my school's annual trip to New York 
to visit the galleries in Chelsea. I took this picture of this gorgeous Thom Browne add when we walked uptown.
I have always loved Allen Edmonds; his work is perpetually at the top of my list when it comes masculine footwear. I would wear everything in the window. 
(French Connection trench and star print knit, Eileen Fisher cowl, Nicole Miller bag, Aldo brogues)
Its always annoying trying to dress for this trip. Last year, it was like thirty degrees, it was supposed to rain when we went, and we walk essentially the entire city. The trench and sturdy brogues were chosen for rain appropriateness, this sweater is one of the warmest I own (my friend actually told me that I wore it on the trip last year) and the cowl was picked for warmth, and who could ever turn down chartreuse? This is the third cowl that my mom and I got to share. This is the new version of the cowl, its actually a large scale cable knit. I love these, but I need to be careful as to not wear them with too much stubble because I end up with large mohair balls hanging form my face. It was really nice to pull this bag out, I haven't worn it since the summer.
My friend Maddie working on bring back chenille
From what I understand, this was a drive by "yarn bombing". I personally think all shopping carts should be covered in yarn. All for now, I'm prepping for a Hannukah party!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Somewhat Manly

I meant to post this picture a while ago when I posted about the vintage Pendleton tie. I got these the same day that I bought my new favorite lace up boots. I wore my other Bass driving loafers into the ground, and when I went back to the store they were out of the same style. I got this seasons new version, I love the two tone detailing; my dad got the same pair in the reverse color way. I want to be careful with these, I abused the other pair so much! I think I sometimes get overexcited about the prospect of comfortable shoes and then go overboard. All for now, I need to go recover from an all nighter.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm With Child

(Vintage leather jacket and silk shirt, H&M top, Banana Republic bag, Isabel Toledo boots)
Just a super, super quick post tonight. Between finishing off a term paper and caring for one of those fake crying babies with computer chips and such, I am very behind work and very, very sleep deprived. I wore this outfit over the weekend to a play and dance. I had been meaning to get this leather jacket out for some time, sadly, there is a tear on one of the pockets, I need to consider alleviation methods. All for now, I have a screaming baby on my hands.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


 (Photo Credit-Stylewatch)
Hi guys! Just a quick update, I've already sold three pieces of the Versace for H&M collection that didn't work for my mom and me. I reduced the rest of the prices, take a look if you're interested!
Studded Pink Silk Dress
Studded Silk Top
Leopard Print Silk Skirt
Optical Print Scarf
Optical Print Tee Shirt
Studded Leggings

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Tie Started a Snowball Effect

(Marc Jacobs bag, French Connection shirt, vintage Pendleton wool tie, Bass driving loafers, vintage rabbit fur clutch, Urban Outfitters belt)  
Last week, my friend Ellen gifted me this beautiful vintage wool tie by Pendelton. I squealed with glee when I opened the package. I was a huge fan of the collaboration between Pendleton and Opening Ceremony, the shorts and jackets were pure perfection. I built my outfit around this tie, using grey as the central element, again with my math filled, brain squeezing fashion equation that ends in a proof aka and outfit. 
 The shirt was picked by default, being that I wear this shirt on an almost daily basis. Then I fully committed to adding to the grey trifecta. I think grey is a very under appreciated color. I think charcoal grey is one of the most flattering colors, and I haven't met anyone who doesn't look great in grey/It is the all time best neutral color. The bag is almost grey, and I wanted something mildly nondescript to keep the focus on the tie and my beautiful new driving moccasins, pictures to follow! I just got my hair re-done, I went a step lighter and I love it so much. I was definitely born to be a red-head. If you're in Ct, you have to try the Hairspa in Milford, Stephanie my hairdresser is a genius colorist and stylist, if you're looking for a new hairdresser, give the Hairspa a try. All for now, I need to go sew a few dresses.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Yes, They Do Hurt

I've been pining over these boots by Pelle Moda for months. I first saw them last August, but being the good boy that I am, I waited until they went on sale.  I love the super pointy toe, double platform, snakeskin accents, and buckles to die for. They are really quite excruciating, but I'm hoping to break them in soon. I thought these would be the perfect shoes for fashion week, and yes, I already have many, many outfits picked out and stored in garment bags. All for now, I just got my hair done! Photos to follow

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life's Necessities: Hairspray, Feathers, and Magic

(Gap jacket, French Connection shirt, H&M pin, Brahmin bag, Bass boots)
This is the second installment of my weekend outfit. Going out outfits can be difficult, especially when "going out" can mean a myriad of different things. I chose to bring out my favorite Gap jacket, sans shoulder pads. Every time I wear it I get reminded of countless collections by Phillip Lim. This is one of those pieces that looks infinitely more expensive than it was. The shirt was for color, I wanted to wear it without any neck adornments; Ive missed showing off the pink facing/ nothing says party like a half tuck. Its design details like this that make pieces that much more exciting. Sadly, this is probably the most exciting that menswear gets. This is my perpetual beef with menswear, its so binding. Its a bit sad when lining is the most riveting part of an outfit. I threw on the pin as an afterthought, being one of the many random accessories I always have shoved into my purse and glove compartment. I uncuffed the boots and put my wallet, chapstick, and business cards into my favorite purse and TAH DAH! There you have it, the perfect day to night outfit perfect for long car rides to chicken wings and dancing. All for now, I desperately need to write my term paper and unfortunately English teachers don't consider fashion blogging a form of grade-able work.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Somewhat Counter-Productive

 Just a quick post in between human sexuality and french homework. I stumbled upon these Giuseppe Zanotti pumps on Net a Porter tonight. Ive seen them a few times before, but I always wait to decide if I like something, because i prefer to see it on Net a Porter. I love these shoes so much. I think the mix of lizard embossed leather and fishnet is genius. Plus, I am partial to any shoe with an ankle strap. I got to thinking about how to winterize these shoes, and I realized that the clear solution is grey cashmere. Being that nude pumps are supposed to look invisible, the immense amounts of grey sort of throws a monkey wrench into the equation.
Start with dark denim, then move on to the socks. The ivory leather is clearly calling for the yummy aspect of the grey cashmere. As you all know by now, I think socks and pumps is a stellar look, extra points for a peep toe with leg wear.  
{Photo Credit-Netaporter, Black, Prince Inspector)
The prefect finishing touch would be this Ralph Lauren Cashmere cardigan. Some pearls would be nice too...and red hair (getting re-done on Thursday...jealous). This look is the perfect mixed message outfit, perfect for all elements of life including but not limited to frolicking through autumnal foliage, grocery shopping, and giving PowerPoint presentations and such.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Avoiding a Bag Lady Situation

(French Connection sweater, F21 tee shirt, Calvin Klein bag, Bass boots)
I am a very good packer. That is, I'm great at packing for two or three days, any more than that I get anxiety and end up packing like one pair of pants, thirty pairs of shoes, and a fur coat. I went on a quick trip to Wesleyan University to visit a friend and I devised the perfect packing plan. This is my traveling outfit, I'll post the going out outfit soon! The thought behind this look was the overall slimming and flattering effect of all black, which lends itself to having really good basics at my disposal, I also wanted a blank canvas to show off the cuffed boots, I am so in love with the plaid flannel lining. I love this bag for traveling, as much as I hate PVC bags, the pleating detail and chain straps make it OK for schlepping toiletries and underwear. All for now, I'll be doing homework until tomorrow morning.