Thursday, November 10, 2011

Only One is Actually a Plaid

(Target red flannel, French Connection blue check shirt, Gap top, Social Collision burgundy jeans, Frye studded boots, Brahmin bag, vintage beaded cuff)
I got dressed half asleep, cant you tell? That aside, I am obsessed with this outfit, despite a certain teacher saying that my prints weren't well mixed. I found myself going to the bathroom a lot to look at my outfit, I am now obsessed with buttoning up my shirts all the way. I am so glad it was a little chilly today, I threw on the red shirt as an after thought, and I don't think the outfit would be nearly as good without it. Nothing is better than print mixing...and vintage jewelry.
Have a good day! I'm really excited for tonight, a bunch of my friends and I are going to see Mike Posner tonight at Toads!

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