Monday, November 21, 2011

The Aftermath

On Saturday, after the Versace for H&M madness, a short nap, some ravioli, and enough coffee to kill someone, Ally and I decided to go to the Daphne Guiness exhibit at the FIT museum. It was so amazing, I will be going many more times.
(Streets legal leather jacket, Adrienne Vitadini sweatshirt poncho, H&m top, Frye boots, vintage necklace, Regina bag)
This outfit right here was very calculated for ample buying power. Black was a total necessity, no nonsense, and the biker jacket was to look tough(ish). Boots were to avoid any pain from getting stepped on and maybe cause some pain to someone else. I threw on the poncho to look fashionable and junk/its the warmest and most comfortable thing I own. I wore this to wait in line, but when it got time to enter the throng, I took off the poncho, necklace, and left my purse in my friends car. There can be no extras when fighting for fashion.
In line at 4:45 with my new Friends Stacy and V. All for now, I have so much work to catch up on!!
Ps. I bought way too much the other day; I put some pieces up on Ebay, take a look if you're interested!
Pink silk dress with studs
Black silk top with studs
Leopard print silk skirt
Black and white scarf
Black and white tee shirt
Leopard tee shirt
Studded leggings

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