Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Quite a Juxtaposition Really

{Banana Republic turtleneck, Gap shorts, vintage necklace, Charles David clutch, Urban Outfitters)
I was really inspired by this clutch. I bought it for my mom a few years ago, I remember saving my allowance forever to buy it! Anyways, its on loan to me and I wanted to milk the days that I had it in my possession. I thought, "What better to accent a raspberry patent clutch than all black?" I also wanted to juxtapose the winter aspect of a Merino wool turtleneck with shorts, you know because i am such a rebel. I am heartbroken to say that two of the three beaded tassels of the necklace broke today, I tried to act nonchalant when a myriad of beads ended up flying across the room in my math class. All for now, I have many hours of homework left. The only thing that is getting me through is my sheer excitement about the Versace for H&M collection, and yes I will be that crazy person in line before the sun rises.

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