Saturday, November 5, 2011

Its Actually a Belt...

(DNKY canvas jacket, Gap shirt, Nike belt, Target pants, DIY necklace, H&M scarf, Polo Ralph Lauren shoes, vintage acrylic clutch)
Earlier this week, I became infatuated with the idea of wearing a headscarf. When my mom showed me the necklace she made out of an old belt, I started to brew up my outfit. You can basically say that my outfit equation started with the necklace and headscarf, and then I finished the proof. Can you tell that Ive been studying for math? This jacket was one of my first investment pieces. I saved and saved for in and I think I bought it in seventh grade. It came with a hood, but I took it off a long time ago.
 I bought these shoes over the summer and I have worn them like crazy. I had never been into a boat shoe, but the second I saw these with the shocking yellow panel, I was sold. They're more preppy than I typically go, but I like to have options for when I feel like dressing up. All for now, I'm off to look into a Chartreuse trench coat

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