Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carrot Top

I have been enjoying my new hair to the Nth degree. Its clear that this is that color that I wanted from the beginning, it just took me a little while to fully commit. This shade has already faded a little bit; it was a fun surprise for my parents when they got back from Turkey. 
{Gap jacket, Sovereign Code shirt, old Social Collision jeans, rubber bottom Aldo brogues, Coach bag)
I wore this to school today, I really had to dress up. It had been a while since I wore something really cute, and I was about to lose my mind. I was doing laundry last week and found this shirt, beautifully dry cleaned in the back of my closet. I wore it with my current favorite sweater jacket that benefited greatly by the removal of the shoulder pads. Because its a woman's jacket and my shoulders are broader than those of a woman, the shoulder pads hit me at a really bad point. 
Happy Hump day! I am so excited to have a long weekend, thank God for parent teacher conferences. My sewing machine just got sent away to be fixed and I feel like I'm missing a limb..I cant wait to be reunited next week.

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