Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alligators and Palm Trees

(Target velvet blazer, Versace for H&M top, Chico's satin pin, Nike belt, Sam Edelman boots, Whiting and Davis bag)
Yes, this outfit was put together around this top. I only kept three pieces for myself; this top, the matching silk scarf, and the optical black and white button up. I am obsessed with the black wool coat with the leather sleeves, but I need a few more days to decide on that one. My mom kept the skirt version of my top, I cant wait for us to match! This jacket was one of those perfect purchases that happens very seldom happens. I was shopping around at target, and marched down all the way, wedged on a shelf next to a loaf of bread and some underwear lay this jacket, in my size and calling for a home. It took some convincing from my mom to buy; I thought, how good could a Target blazer be? Very good, thank you very much. I also love that it has green tartan lining. I have always loved this clutch that belongs to my mom, she has had it for a very, very long time, and I remember watching her get ready and putting her lipstick and such when I was little. This pin is amazing, I have it in purple too and I love the bouncy and vibrant feel that it has, it is actually mounted on a very strong magnet instead of a pin. All for now, I have to go fabric shopping!

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