Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He Lives in a Log Cabin Upstate...

(Banana Republic sweater, Urban Outfitters tee shirt, Bass boots, vintage bag)
I wore this outfit to school a few days ago; I swept up on Black Friday weekend at an outlet mall. I saw this sweater in cream first, tried it on, and just as I was about to get it, I saw the green and made a quick swap. I didn't realize it until I got to school, but this look is much better suited for cutting logs or whatever people do in their country estate. Minus the purse that is. Anyways, I'm really into olive green right now, can you tell? All for now, I desperately need to start my term paper!

Monday, November 28, 2011


I picked up these boots yesterday at Bass at an outlet mall. I love the rugged and lived in feeling; the olive suede is so beautiful. They remind me of an amazing pair of Frye boots that slipped away a few seasons ago. The top of the boot also folds down to expose a plaid exoskeleton, I wore them up today and I'm already planning on what to wear them with when they're cuffed. Just like the grey boots I bought this pasts summer, I love these because they are so utilitarian and tough, these will definitely put up with a ton of abuse. All for now, I had my first day of varsity Dance team, and my legs feel like they're going to fall off.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


So to step back in time a few weeks, I found myself in my friend Ally's apartment in NYC, getting busy with a plate of sushi and duck spring rolls and looking at the Versace for H&M collection, I stumbled upon this coat. It was love at first sight. At $300, I really wanted to hate it. Everything I had on my wish list came in at thirty or fifty dollars; I couldn't see spending three hundred on something retail. I am a firm believer that if you stick it out and wait through a few sales, there is almost never a reason to pay retail. In the frenzy the following morning, I ended up grabbing one of the coats thinking, "Ill try it on and hate it, if i don't try it on ill regret it." I slid my arms into the buttery leather and immediately regretted it. I have some pretty amazing pieces, but this is the first "Manly" piece I have ever bought that I have no desire to make more feminine. I love my arsenal of blazers and trenches, but each one gets a touch, whether it comes from brooches, a wide waist belt, or heels. This coat says man, and screams for fashion week front row seats. Hands down, bar none, its a bitching coat.
{Photo, frenchconnection}
I am beyond happy with my coat purchase, the only downside is that I wont be able to buy the Restrain wool pea coat from French Connection. I have loved this coat since the summer, I had a thirty minute conversation with the male employees at the SoHo store in August about how much we all wanted this coat, the olive color is so beautiful in person. If anyone stumbles upon one in a size medium, please don't hesitate to ship it my way. All for now, I have to figure out how to read mid eighteenth century French literature.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

{Photo Credit-Netaporter}
Stella McCartney's Plexiglass clutch=Obsessed

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Alligators and Palm Trees

(Target velvet blazer, Versace for H&M top, Chico's satin pin, Nike belt, Sam Edelman boots, Whiting and Davis bag)
Yes, this outfit was put together around this top. I only kept three pieces for myself; this top, the matching silk scarf, and the optical black and white button up. I am obsessed with the black wool coat with the leather sleeves, but I need a few more days to decide on that one. My mom kept the skirt version of my top, I cant wait for us to match! This jacket was one of those perfect purchases that happens very seldom happens. I was shopping around at target, and marched down all the way, wedged on a shelf next to a loaf of bread and some underwear lay this jacket, in my size and calling for a home. It took some convincing from my mom to buy; I thought, how good could a Target blazer be? Very good, thank you very much. I also love that it has green tartan lining. I have always loved this clutch that belongs to my mom, she has had it for a very, very long time, and I remember watching her get ready and putting her lipstick and such when I was little. This pin is amazing, I have it in purple too and I love the bouncy and vibrant feel that it has, it is actually mounted on a very strong magnet instead of a pin. All for now, I have to go fabric shopping!

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Aftermath

On Saturday, after the Versace for H&M madness, a short nap, some ravioli, and enough coffee to kill someone, Ally and I decided to go to the Daphne Guiness exhibit at the FIT museum. It was so amazing, I will be going many more times.
(Streets legal leather jacket, Adrienne Vitadini sweatshirt poncho, H&m top, Frye boots, vintage necklace, Regina bag)
This outfit right here was very calculated for ample buying power. Black was a total necessity, no nonsense, and the biker jacket was to look tough(ish). Boots were to avoid any pain from getting stepped on and maybe cause some pain to someone else. I threw on the poncho to look fashionable and junk/its the warmest and most comfortable thing I own. I wore this to wait in line, but when it got time to enter the throng, I took off the poncho, necklace, and left my purse in my friends car. There can be no extras when fighting for fashion.
In line at 4:45 with my new Friends Stacy and V. All for now, I have so much work to catch up on!!
Ps. I bought way too much the other day; I put some pieces up on Ebay, take a look if you're interested!
Pink silk dress with studs
Black silk top with studs
Leopard print silk skirt
Black and white scarf
Black and white tee shirt
Leopard tee shirt
Studded leggings

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Quite a Juxtaposition Really

{Banana Republic turtleneck, Gap shorts, vintage necklace, Charles David clutch, Urban Outfitters)
I was really inspired by this clutch. I bought it for my mom a few years ago, I remember saving my allowance forever to buy it! Anyways, its on loan to me and I wanted to milk the days that I had it in my possession. I thought, "What better to accent a raspberry patent clutch than all black?" I also wanted to juxtapose the winter aspect of a Merino wool turtleneck with shorts, you know because i am such a rebel. I am heartbroken to say that two of the three beaded tassels of the necklace broke today, I tried to act nonchalant when a myriad of beads ended up flying across the room in my math class. All for now, I have many hours of homework left. The only thing that is getting me through is my sheer excitement about the Versace for H&M collection, and yes I will be that crazy person in line before the sun rises.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Approximately 100 Years

This is just a quick post, I wanted to share an article I wrote for my School's newspaper about how fashion has changed/stayed the same over the last century
From 1912-2012, Fashionably of Course
Time sure flys! I thought it would interesting to take a look at the way fashion has changed, and stayed the same, in the past 100 years. Undoubtedly, everything comes back; no trends ever die. On to the turn of the century.
            Fashion in 1912 was in no way thrilling. Fashion was in a weird growing stage, like when a girl with bangs has to continually clip them up with barrettes and other crap when they’re just too long to wear down. Fashion was in a stage of removing feminine bondage fashion and entering a time of leisure. For the past four hundred years or so, women wore corsets and cumbersome undergarments. Around this time in history, women started taking off corsets and embracing easier styles with an eye towards exercise and menswear.
            Right at the turn of the century, fashion was at a high point. The Triangle Shirtwaist factory, yes the unfortunate one that burned down and killed many, created disgustingly beautiful blouses; fitted in the back and bloused in the front. These were paired with long hip skimming skirts, ending in a full bottom. This style of look, done in many variations, including suits, separates, and dresses, is the most popular and well-known silhouette of the time. In these years, corsets were still worn, but the shape was different than before; they were slightly longer to accommodate ensembles that showed off the hips. This silhouette was often referred to as the S-bend. This type of corset made the bust and torso flat; the bum and busts then created an “S” when the wearer stood in profile. These styles of dress are very, very relevant now. With high-end lingerie brands like Agent Provocateur and Kiki de Montparnasse, corsetry has started to come back. These extravagantly expensive corsets aren’t just for the bedroom; many are suitable for wear in real life. Corsets can now be styled tucked into skirts, or layered under a menswear inspired blazer. As for fit and flare skirts? They happen to be one of the most popular cuts for wedding dresses. Designers like Lanvin, Erdem, and Jason Wu have just released floor length ballroom skirts. These are now being styled with button down wovens; many very similar to those made by the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. As for shoes, forget about it. Victorian shoes often featured a heel around 2 inches. Wanna wear those? We just may start to have friendship problems. Just kidding…but not.
            As for right when the school opened? Some were still wearing styles like those discussed above, but those more fashionably-with-the-times adopted a more relaxed style. As a reference point, think of the movie Titanic. The costuming was very well done; the looks that the female cast wore are awesome visual aids for the type of clothing worn around 1912. Fashion revolved around suits. The typical style included a straight skirt, around calf length, and a slightly longer jacket with a bit of tailoring. Corsets were much softer, or not worn at all. The skirt style can be worn today, it is less attractive and sexy than the aforementioned style, but for those who enjoy the art of fashionable “Man-Repelling”, this skirt is great. For those not so interested, this midi-style skirt can be sex’d up with a crop top, fitted jacket, and sky-high sandals. I would say to stay away, but if you have a great desire, go for a very strappy, open shoe. The goal is to show skin, foot skin counts and frankly, a bit of toe cleavage is always welcome in my book. The other route is to go covered sexy; a leather jacket and high-heeled leather boots. Essentially what I am saying is that when faced with a hyper conservative skirt, there are two routes; show everything (think bandeau and…gloves} or super covered up to leave the lovely body underneath to the imagination. Men love to dream. Carven and Hussein Chalayan put out some great skirts, if you're up for the challenge. Go ahead, I dare you.
            Fashion is continuously circular. Just think, one day, our clothes will be vintages and designers will say how much they were inspired by out decade. Crazy, huh? Allez Viens! Experimentation is always a plus; I can’t wait to hear the results. Ill be the control, run free my independent variables, you have my blessing!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nope, It's a Headband

(Forever 21 headband, H&M top, Ben Sherman sweater, DIY Social Collision jeans, Perry Ellis belt, Dolce Vita brogues, Regina bag)
A few months ago, my friend Janie came over to my house for a dinner thing and wore this headband. After many compliments, she confessed that she wore it as a joke, guess who reaped the benefits? I've wanted to wear it for a while, and I woke inspired to create an outfit based around it. This Ben Sherman sweater is one of my favorites in my arsenal, I love the medium weight cotton and the deep V-neck, a feature that isn't usually featured in menswear. Get ready for more headbands, I'm currently obsessed with hair adornments. A couple of nameless adults at my school tried to get me to take it off, did it work? I DON'T THINK SO...some people just don't get fashion. All for now, I'm up to my eyeballs in silk shantung.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Only One is Actually a Plaid

(Target red flannel, French Connection blue check shirt, Gap top, Social Collision burgundy jeans, Frye studded boots, Brahmin bag, vintage beaded cuff)
I got dressed half asleep, cant you tell? That aside, I am obsessed with this outfit, despite a certain teacher saying that my prints weren't well mixed. I found myself going to the bathroom a lot to look at my outfit, I am now obsessed with buttoning up my shirts all the way. I am so glad it was a little chilly today, I threw on the red shirt as an after thought, and I don't think the outfit would be nearly as good without it. Nothing is better than print mixing...and vintage jewelry.
Have a good day! I'm really excited for tonight, a bunch of my friends and I are going to see Mike Posner tonight at Toads!

Monday, November 7, 2011

 (Photo Credit- Netaporter)
Miu Miu's suede and felt boots= Obsessed

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Its Actually a Belt...

(DNKY canvas jacket, Gap shirt, Nike belt, Target pants, DIY necklace, H&M scarf, Polo Ralph Lauren shoes, vintage acrylic clutch)
Earlier this week, I became infatuated with the idea of wearing a headscarf. When my mom showed me the necklace she made out of an old belt, I started to brew up my outfit. You can basically say that my outfit equation started with the necklace and headscarf, and then I finished the proof. Can you tell that Ive been studying for math? This jacket was one of my first investment pieces. I saved and saved for in and I think I bought it in seventh grade. It came with a hood, but I took it off a long time ago.
 I bought these shoes over the summer and I have worn them like crazy. I had never been into a boat shoe, but the second I saw these with the shocking yellow panel, I was sold. They're more preppy than I typically go, but I like to have options for when I feel like dressing up. All for now, I'm off to look into a Chartreuse trench coat

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carrot Top

I have been enjoying my new hair to the Nth degree. Its clear that this is that color that I wanted from the beginning, it just took me a little while to fully commit. This shade has already faded a little bit; it was a fun surprise for my parents when they got back from Turkey. 
{Gap jacket, Sovereign Code shirt, old Social Collision jeans, rubber bottom Aldo brogues, Coach bag)
I wore this to school today, I really had to dress up. It had been a while since I wore something really cute, and I was about to lose my mind. I was doing laundry last week and found this shirt, beautifully dry cleaned in the back of my closet. I wore it with my current favorite sweater jacket that benefited greatly by the removal of the shoulder pads. Because its a woman's jacket and my shoulders are broader than those of a woman, the shoulder pads hit me at a really bad point. 
Happy Hump day! I am so excited to have a long weekend, thank God for parent teacher conferences. My sewing machine just got sent away to be fixed and I feel like I'm missing a limb..I cant wait to be reunited next week.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011