Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moaning For Yummy Knits

GAAA drowning in Pre-Calculus! Sorry for the lack of posting; this is literally the first time I've been seated for more than five minutes since mid-Sunday. 
(Vintage Levi's vest, DKNY sweater, FCUK shirt, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Banana Republic bag)
I wore this out last Saturday night to go to dinner with Simona, or my unofficial Girlfriend..haha, see whatIi did there? By girlfriend I mean soul mate, aka, shopping and restaurant buddy. I have been waiting to wear this sweater since August. I laid eyes in it and knew that I HAD to have it. It is so unbelievably beautiful, and with the length, you can do so many things with it. I love it under this vest, better yet, it look banging under my leather biker jacket (which I left at the hair salon).
I love the short/long/soft/hard feeling of this outfit. No doubt, this look needed height, bolstered by my highest shoes, I think this is a really good casual night out outfit. Worn with an awesomely light nylon bag that has not been changed out since Saturday. The chain strap broke, but frankly I much prefer it as a clutch. 
I went apple picking..haha I know, right? We got Mutsu apples that would sufficiently full that Miu Miu bag to the brim. Still dreaming of its impracticality...

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