Friday, September 16, 2011


{Michael Kors Leather bomber, Bibas shirt, Nicole Miller bowtie, Cynthia Vincent shoes, Calvin klein bag}
I was dying in the outfit! It was like 85 degrees, and this is thoroughly a fall/winter jacket. I was hardcore over heating, but it was such a good look. It was planned legitimately a week in advanced. I loved the monochrome with the navy bag and red bowtie. It was totally worth the overheating and possibility of fainting. I spent some time with Carolyn between/after the shows i went to, this picture was taken at the bookstore at Columbia University.
After the first show, I swapped my outfit a bit; I put on a Forever 21 top, Aldo brogues {eight hours in heels was enough} and I wore a Charles David patent and Ponyskin clutch.  It was still hot outside, but slightly more bearable with the T shirt.
Seeing Hamish Bowles was an amazing was to finish a day of fashion shows. He is unbelievably elegant, I an so envious of the halo of class and dignity that seems to follow his wherever he goes. All for now, I am swamped!
P.S. I dyed my hair rec

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