Sunday, September 11, 2011

Luca Luca SS12

On Friday I had the privilege of attending the Luca Luca SS12 show. It was so unbelievably amazing, I literally cant stand it. Right when the show was about to start, I sat in the fifth row {someone missed the show...guess who benefited?} I couldn't help but smile. I feel so lucky to be able to do the things that I do. Between designing, styling, and attending such amazing events, I feel humbled by what I have worked for and achieved. I want to bottle this feeling, the perfect mix accomplishment, humility, and indescribable appreciation. Anywho, back to the show. I took a ton of pictures, but why use fifth row pictures with people impeding my view when exists? I picked my favorite ten looks, and I am oozing with excitement to talk about them. The above look was a quick favorite. My love of pattern mix is no secret, and I am obsessed with these new headbands! I NEED to DIY one, they are so freaking adorable.
I have such a Lady Crush on the model. She is so stunning! Obsessed with her bowl cut as well. I love this dress so much; its a really amazing remake of classic Grecian/1970's looks. The side slits are genius, I love the center between-the-legs idea. This would be an amazing dress to wear whilst walking up to someone when you re upset; the flowing fabric would most definitely get the point across.
All about the sleeveless blazer. Chartreuse pants are always a plus too.
Hands down, favorite outfit of the show. The black monochrome is genius and I love the multi dimensional textures/sheerness/ essentially everything. Do you know who would look so beyond incredible in this outfit? That's right, me! I want those draped trousers so badly! Can you say Prom? I want these so badly! They would look so beyond with a Tux jacket. So perfect on so many levels.
More expertly mixed patterns; I LOVE those headbands. This whole collection feels so chill, I love the pants in this line above all else.
Obsessed with this model. Again, the cut and drape of the jersey is precise, no bullshit. Bare shoulders add a sexy touch, but in my mind, nothing is sexier than a high neckline.
The trousers again, I love the polka dot ones above, but my heart literally aches for the black ones. Obsessed with the mixed patterns; I really wish the world understood how to do this in real life.
The fabric-between-legs is so stunning. I really love this look on so many levels, predominately the off the shoulder bodice; shoulders are so under appreciated!
Can we talk about this? I die for this jacket! The embellishment is unreal, I stared this look down the runway so hard; between the belting and flounce, this is undeniably the perfect short sleeved jacket for warm weather. The pants are also to die, just a little slutty, except not at all.
Ombré polka dots? Literally having such a serious moment now. The front draping+mild cleavage is so unreal, I can see this gown being stunning on so many women with so many body types. To sum up this experience I would have to say that I left with a rejuvenated and enthusiastic enamored, obsessed, and drooling love for Luca Luca.

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  1. Beautiful show! You're so lucky to have been able to attend.