Monday, September 12, 2011

Joy Cioci SS12

On Friday night, i found myself in Lincoln Center, making my way through a crown of editors, buyers, and waiters. The shining beacon of hope? The Joy Cioci SS12 collection lay just ahead. I charged ahead and lost my breath. It is no secret that Spring/summer collection aren't necessarily my thing, but seeing chartreuse and purples and LEATHER. I knew it would all be OK. I chose my favorite ten looks to show, and it was no easy task. I love this ruffles yellow dress. As a designer, I can completely appreciate the difficultly of circular ruffles.
This look screams me. I love the muted black and gray color palate. The semi-sheer skirt is delicious, and I can see this look being super flattering on a myriad of women.
Again with the circular ruffles. I have so much appreciation for this difficult technique; I really need to work on my ruffle skills. On another note, the hair and makeup was fantastic, the 40's faux buns were expertly executed.
I think the sheer panels and Henley cut of this dress makes it seem more casual. Perfect thrown on with ballet flats for work and jazzed up with studded platforms. Perfect Day-to-Night.
This was definitely one of my favorite looks. I am all about denim, but with laser cut leather accents? Its just too good. The collar totally kills me. Its like super chic coveralls.
I think this look screams PTA meeting. t would be so easy to get a point across with that perfectly exposed slip of cleavage.  The classic Boucl√© really lends itself to a more modern cut and new accents.
I loved every Chartreuse outfit, but none more than this. My jaw dropped and I simultaneously moaned so loudly when I saw this dress. It is possibly the most perfect dress I have seen in a very long time. This laser cut leather look stunning in the color, and I am so jealous of the woman who will get to wear this! I had such an amazing time, I would like to thank Joy Cioci for my ticket, and I cannot wait to see more!

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