Wednesday, September 21, 2011

C'est Rouge!

{Gap anorak, J Crew shirt, Dolce Vita brogues, Brighton belt}
 I wore this outfit to school yesterday. I wanted to post my current favorite shirt that I picked up at the J Crew outlet during Providence style week. Ive been wearing this shirt and my plaid French Connection mini collar shirt a ton. They are my favorites in my rotation right now. I paired the shirt with my go-to Fall jacket and cinched with waist with a belt that my mom gave to me as a I'm-sorry-school-sucks-but-you'll-get-through-it gift. I love the braided leather and swirled buckle. I think I need to get the buckle re-plaited; my mom and I both have the same belt! I felt like a sexy safari-ist. Theres nothing like a cinched waist and studded shoes to make you feel like a vamp!
I re-dyed my hair on Saturday night. It was first done on Thursday, but the color was brown with a bit of red and I wanted red with a bit of brown. I really like this color, but I think I want to go a shade lighter and a shade more orange. Finding the perfect hair color is so difficult, like I said, the life of a seventeen year old is filled with so many issues! I'm going to stick with this color for a while; its pretty in the sun/Ive already colored my hair twice last week and I think it needs a break. All for now, I have so much homework!

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